Our first speaker today was Maki DeLaet of EduCyber in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. EduCyber works with their clients to create the best websites, designed with their client’s needs in mind. They have used the tagline “Your Technology Partner” – with the New Year they are changing that to Partner * Engage * Convert, which resonates more on what they have been doing as of late. Many people contact them saying they want a website – what do they want on it – well they don’t really know, everyone has one, so they want one. EduCyber can work with that but they need to partner with them to find out what the website needs to do. The word Partner – working with their client to figure exactly what they need for their website – to determine their goals and how to measure their success. They can put up as much information as you want, but how is that going to help you. A website should drive your clients to you – on your website how do the potential clients contact you? Do you want it to link to your email or do you need an appointment center where your clients can set an appointment for the next day? One of Maki’s clients is a plumbing company and they wanted to include a scheduler to their website so their clients can just go to the website and set up an appointment for the next week for a non-emergency request and also have an emergency number just in case. The other option is just an information page – that offers just information to your cliental. The word Engage – refers to the fact that EduCyber doesn’t create a website that is just pretty but as well engages your cliental to take action while visiting your site. Maki can go through your current plan for your website and locate those things that may not make sense or clients may find confusing. Is your website easy to navigate and locate contact information, ordering information and stock or inventory information? If not you may be losing customers that you never knew you had! The last word Convert – EduCyber offers custom databases and applications that increase your conversion from clicker to customer, there are actually conversion specialists that will come in and look at your website to find all the kinks and confusing areas for clients. Apparently about 45-45% of people who visit websites just click around until they find what they are looking for and if they find it quickly and easily they use that site again. EduCyber works on the conversion issue from the moment they start building your site –so that when it is complete it is ready to go and won’t need to be worked on later to get out the kinks. EduCyber has been in business for 13 + years and over the last few years Maki has noticed a shift in their cliental – whereas it started with a lot of small businesses they are now working with more and more tourism and outdoor adventure sites, not for profit sites and a few private schools. Maki went on to tell about a few websites they have created lately that use all of the new technologies out there. One such site for The Lariat Loop site that actually works with Google maps so that the visitor can create and 2 hour driving tour or a half day tour and gives them not only the businesses on the loop but as well the historic and points of interest sites along the way and allows you to print out a map. EduCyber has also built an e-commerce store for the Down River Equipment Company in Wheat Ridge, Colorado – they are an outfitter for river rafting companies. The site was designed not only for sales of their many product lines – it also offers the location of retailers around the United States and also has a link to the river flow for the best rafting experience. Since the new site was completed they have had a 22% increase in sales – that shows that they have made it easier for companies to purchase and ship through the website. EduCyber also worked with a not for profit MaxFund, a no kill shelter – making their site easier to navigate and now you can search for dogs, cats or other pets right there including those that are in foster care and not in the shelter. So if you need a website that will make your life easier, not harder, give Maki DeLaet and EduCyber a call and they will partner with you to create the perfect website that is not just pretty!

Maki DeLeat* EduCyber * 303.268.2245 * mdelaet@educyber.com * www.educyber.com

Today’s second speaker was Angela Wihelmi of NuSkin Galvanic Spa in Thornton, Colorado. Today Angela wanted to talk about goals – inspired by what Linda Schafer and Cindi Thordarson about being busy during the time of year when they traditionally are not busy. Why is this happening – Angela thinks that it is because we are changing the way we do business, offering products or services that we haven’t before and marketing our companies differently. With that Angela wanted to appeal to our business side and think of ways that we could all be power partners for each other. First of all she wanted to speak to the vanity side of us as women. She showed us a pictures of a woman that she sat next to at a NuSkin Conference after discussing the weather she ask Angela “You don’t recognize me do you?” going on to explain, “I never thought I would be popular for being the ugliest woman in the world.” A light bulb went on over Angela’s head – this woman was one of NuSkin’s testimonies and was on posters all over the convention. Angela passed around the poster with three photos side by side of the same woman on her first day using the Galvanic Skin Spa then at 90 days and 5 months – the before and after are amazing! With consistent use and a maintenance program the Galvanic Spa can do amazing things. Angela is now working with massage therapists and hair salons – they are adding the Galvanic Spa to their services. One of the hair salons that she sold a body spa to had a woman come in for a pedicure with a bone spur and after 10 minutes of treatment with the spa the client was experiencing less pain and swelling – these types of claims are common such as reduced swelling and bruising of a minor sprain. The service added to a massage therapist office allows them to work on clients and reduce cellulite and work on shaping certain areas, one clinic is an added the service uses the Galvanic Body Spa for 100.00 a session for 2 areas and they are sent home with the lotion and a loufa for a little maintenance. She went to a modeling event at the Fluff Bar and she thought that she was going to an actual bar but what the Fluff Bar is, is a hair salon with liquor service while getting your hair and nails done. This is a new concept in salons and a great place for Angela to offer the services. Her other reach out is to dermatologists and estheticians – as the spa is an excellent in working on people with rosacea and acne scarring – this is a product that can add to their service and truly help people. Angela really wants to reach out to our circle for referrals for her – please get their phone number and get their card. For her it is easier for her contact them via our referral than to wait for them to call her. Now Angela wanted to appeal to the vanity side and those with conditions such as Bell’s palsy, Rosacea, acne scarring, stretch marks from child birth and, yes, just the simple cellulite. The first picture Angela displayed was a young woman that had Bell’s palsy and one side of her face drooped after one session with the NuSkin Galvanic Spa had made improvement. She displayed pictures of clients that have used the NuSkin Body Spa on their tummy, butt, thighs and arm wings – the difference was amazing. If you need to switch it up this year and are looking to improve you own self-image give Angela Whelmi for NuSkin a call and let her transform you!!
Angela Whelmi * NuSkin Galvanic Spa * 303.875.7440 * angela@creationsbyangela.com * www.creationsbyangelawilhelmi.nsedreams.com