Our first speaker today was Maki DeLaet of EduCyber, our website designer. Today Maki debuted our new website, she had a computer and screen set up so we could all see the new features. The website is comprehensive and allows all of us to visit without updating our flash players. Maki also was able to buy our old domain name, which we were all happy about. We all enjoyed seeing our website set up and running – this is the first time we have had a current up to date site for our members to check the speaking schedule and to send potential members to for information on our current members. Maki also talked a little about how google will find us and once we start updating the site and visiting -we will work our way up this search list.  It may be one to two months before google responds to the new site. Although working on the blog with the keywords and tags google is already sending people to our site. So keep Maki DeLaet from EduCyber in mind when deciding to build a website, she listened to what we as group wanted and needed from our website and worked with us to design the website we needed.

Maki DeLaet * EduCyber * www.educyber.com * 303.268.2245 

Today, Juli Parrott, from Table Mountain Travel spoke about a destination trip – France. France has a bad name in America, but just as you can go to Paris and run into some obnoxious French people, you can go to New York City and run into some obnoxious Americans. Juli has traveled to France a number of times and loves visiting there. France is basically the size of Texas and roughly shaped like an octagon, and broken up in to 7 regions – South Coastal-the Bordeaux area where wineries are plentiful, Southern Central-where the Lascaux Caves are located, although when touring the caves realize they are not the “real” caves – but a recreation to protect the originals, the Mediterranean region-Marseilles and Montpelier are two of the main cities to visit here, the Alps Region-you will find a lot of German influence here, along with the Alps that separate France from Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium and Germany and the North Central-along the English Channel, Paris in this region and along the coast it is cooler than most other regions.  Ways to experience France are through their train system, the TGV – high speed rail system that travels at speeds up to 200 miles per hour, any location in France is just a couple hours away from Paris, and allows you to see the countryside. The TGV also connects France with many of it’s neighboring countrys allowing you to buy one train pass and get on and off when and where you wish allowing you to visit a wide variety of small towns and major cities depending on the length of your visit. Another option that truely allows you to experience the country is river cruises – there are two ways to go with the river cruises – one is the Hotel Barge-50-100 people on a barge, much like an ocean cruise all your meals and tours are included in the 2000.00 price tag. The other option is Rent A Barge-you drive it yourself, there are rooms for sleeping and tiolets, with a small kitchen. But you get to make your own itinerary and stay as long as you like if you find a town you really want to spend more time in. This option with 4 adults and 2 children will run about 1800.00 – but you have to buy your own food. I get it from good authority that the bakeries in the small towns sreve amazing croissants!! So if you are planning a trip to France or anywhere in the world – contact Juli Parrott at Table Mountain Travel for all your travel needs.

Juli Parrott * Table Mountian Travel * 303.277.1580 * juli@tablemountaintravel.com