Our first speaker today was Maki DeLaet of EduCyber in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. Today Maki wanted to introduce us to the Managed Network Service her company offers.

You’re busy. You can’t have downtime either because of computer problems or because a tech needs to be on your computer to perform maintenance. For this, EduCyber has the Solution. They have a managed service offering that optimizes your uptime without requiring a tech to be on site for most issues. At the same time, it includes some on site time, so you don’t fret about calling them when needed.

EduCyber’s remote management system includes:

* 24 / 7 real time monitoring

* Monthly reporting

* More uptime – less interruptions

* Set number of hours of onsite support each month

* Automate and monitor onsite backups

* Remote, automated installation of most software packages (Microsoft Office and upgrades, antivirus, etc.)

* LiveConnect – remote access for us to get to your systems as long as you’re connected to the Internet to troubleshoot problems

* Automated scripting to keep your computers virus-free and running optimally

* License management – make sure you’re running licensed programs on your system(s)

* Ticketing system – our simple ticketing system lets you submit tickets right from your desktop AND your computer can create a ticket on its own if something critical happens

* Green initiative: we spend less time driving, we can run tasks outside of business hours and then shut your computer off.

Call Maki DeLaet of EduCyber for a quote on your system and needs!

Thank you!

Maki DeLaet * EduCyber * 303.268.2245 * mdelaet@educyber.com * www.educyber.com

Laura Kilty of Shaklee was our second speaker today and her talk today started out with Laura stating – Let’s do some Health Building!

We know that our environment, food supply and diet has changed more in the last 50 years than in most of human history.  Our food supply:

* Has ever-increasing amounts of chemicals (pesticides, fertilizers, antibiotics, additives and preservatives)

* Has ever-decreasing amounts of nutrients (due to soil depletion, processing and storage). Add to that the genetically modified foods that we have no idea what the long term effects are.

We have to realize that modern food may fill our stomachs and please our palettes, but it does not feed and fortify our cells…and that is where our true health begins. 

We know that our bodies need to be fueled to run smoothly and to build health.  Now if you don’t want to take supplements, that’s fine as long as you…

* Eat adequate high quality protein daily

* Drink 10-12 cups of purified water every day

* Eat a minimum of 9 servings of fresh fruit and veggies every day

* Eat certified organic food only

* Do not eat any processed, refined, pre-packaged, instant foods

* Do not eat sugar, white flour or fast foods

* Do not consume caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs or medications

* Exercise every day

* You do not breath any toxic chemicals

* You have a healthy family history

* You are perfectly healthy

* You live a relaxed, stress-free, positive, happy life

If you live a life like this…I want to be you!!  You are providing your body with the necessities of good health.

If on the other hand, you’re like most Americans….we need to supplement our diet wisely because we are definitely not getting all the nutrients from our diet.

We know how to properly maintain our cars, homes and pets yet we balk at taking care of our most important asset…our health.

So what’s the answer?

* Eat foods as close to their natural state as possible.  Choose organic if you can

* Drink pure water

* Exercise regularly

* Limit exposure to toxins

* Provide the body all the necessary building blocks for good health

Let’s talk about those building blocks…….

Shaklee’s Vitalizer is an easy place to start.  This is a small blister packet of 6 supplements that provide 80 nutrients.  The supplements in this pack are delivered with the SMART technology, so the right nutrient goes to the right place at the right time.

Shaklee’s Vitalizer contains:

* 23 essential vitamins and minerals

* More calcium than the leading brand – 500 mg

* B+C Complex maintains nutrient levels for 12 hrs

* Ultra pure fish oil

* All 8 forms of natural vitamin E

* 26 antioxidants to protect against free radical damage

* Probiotics – patented delivery system that guarantees lives delivery – good for the gut & immune system

Shaklee’s Vivix to fight against cellular aging.

* Protects and repairs DNA

* Positively impacts genetic regulators – turns on the gene for longevity

* Promotes energy in the cells

* Slows AGE protein formation.  AGE can cause cellular damage that leads to early cell damage and cell death.

Add proteins for long lasting energy.  Protein is an essential building block for health.  Critical for muscle building and retention, tissue repair, immunity and virtually every other function in the body.  We have several to choose from.  They are soy based and there is a difference as to how it’s processed.  Shaklee only uses non GMO soy beans and they are processed under low heat.  Plus Shaklee’s soy products are water washed….most other products use high heat and a chemical wash.  This compromises the integrity of the product.

Nutriferon for ultimate immune support.  Every day our body is under attack from stress, poor nutrition, pollution and fatigue, which can constantly challenge your immune system.

Shaklee calls these four products “Your RX for a Healthier Life“.  Shaklee members receive a 10% discount when these 4 products are send via autoship.  You also get coupon for a product of your choice for $10 with your next autoship.  You can get these 4 products for around $7 a day.  And yes that does cost you but how much are you spending on things that aren’t good for you each day?  Starbucks? Junk food? Cigarettes?  It’s about priorities.  You can get the Vitalizer for around $2.50 per day

If you want to start smaller, that’s ok.  Just start somewhere.  Shaklee’s Vita-Lea Gold is an excellent choice for those close to or over 50.  This would run you about 87 cents per day.

Laura’s goal is that if you aren’t already using Shaklee supplements, you’ll start.  You truly can have a positive impact on your health with very little effort.  Laura would love to sit down with you or someone you know and find out what your concerns are and start to build a healthy living plan.

Laura Kilty * Shaklee * 303.420.3359 * KiltyCo@aol.com * www.laurakilty.myshaklee.com