Our first speaker today was Mary Waleski from Educyber, of Wheat Ridge, Colorado. Mary was standing for Maki DeLaet who had an unexpected obligation today. Mary started of her talk with the very important question-“Have you surveyed your customers about what their needs are?” If not Mary from Educyber shared a way to find out what your customer needs. She suggested that having a poll questionnaire on your website about services you offer and those services offered by your competitors and she suggested offering an incentive program for those that complete the poll. Once you get a few of these polls answered you can direct your services specifically for your clients needs. Polling has become a very effective way for companies to keep in touch with their client base as so many of us use computers everyday in our job. Educyber is the place to go with any computer questions – for dealing with the simple Window 7 question to the vast world of online media, from facebook to linkedin or any other social media marketing – Maki will help you navigate he online world. A question was brought up by a member – “How should you respond to a person who requested to be your friend that you don’t know – by clicking ignore or I don’t know this person?” If this person is a client you just don’t recognize, you may hurt their feelings by hitting “I don’t know this person”, so Mary suggested hitting “ignore” or “hide” that way they are not notified and you have not offended a client. Mary wanted to touch on blogs, for those of us who are interested in getting information online. She recommends Google Reader to look at and search out blogs in your area of interest. You can also sign up for all the blogs you want to read right in one place rather than having to sign up for each one that you come across. The last item Mary wanted to mention is Educyber is having another seminar called “Be Findable! The Small Business Guide to Location Social Media”. What you can learn in this seminar is the concrete steps you can take to enhance your local presence on the Internet. Educyber is holding this seminar on Thursday, May 27, 2010 from 11:30-1:00 and the cost is $19.95. If you need a website to attract the attention of your clients or to add a poll to your existing site, Educyber and Maki DeLaet are your technology partner!

Maki DeLaet * Educyber * 303.268.2245 * www.educyber .com

Today’s second speaker was Dottie J. Johnson – our massage therapist, located in Massage Haven in Lakewood, Colorado. Dottie spoke about how aging affects your body and bone joints. She started us off with three questions: 1) Can you bend over to tie your shoes without sitting down?  2) Can you put your pants without sitting down? 3) Can you stand on one foot with your eyes closed? If all three of these items are difficult for you need to strengthen your balance reflex, which comes through stretching and some simple basic yoga moves. Pick an exercise and just do it – it really doesn’t matter how same you start as long as it gets your heart going. If you start small, it will motivate you to do more and more over time. Dottie also spoke to us about our skeleton and what it does for us, providing structure and support allowing us free and easy movement. Our bones do get thinner as we lose calcium as we age. We need to eat more fruits and vegetables – reducing our meat intake. Calcium is in more than just milk and it is best to get your calcium from different sources. Dottie gave us a list of other sources of calcium and those highest in calcium were sea vegetables, such as Hijiki, Kombu, Agar-Agar and Nori – all which are available in whole food stores. Other places to look for calcium are dried wheat grass or barley grass which have high values – also nuts, such as almonds and hazelnuts. The items on the that surprised me were, black and pinto beans, sardines (which have almost as much as the grasses), Chinese cabbage and brown rice (pretty low on the list). Definitely some items to keep in mind when looking for alternative ways to get your daily calcium! So when looking for a Massage Therapist who cares for your whole body – trust Dottie!

Dottie J. Johnson, CMT * Massage Haven* 303.229.7220