The first speaker today was Maki Delaet, of Educyber, a local web designing company. She spoke today about The Recipe for a Good Website, a good website should be visual in nature. You should also brand your website – make everything the same, if you see it you recognize it. You should also have a goal in mind when meeting with your web designer. Is your site going to be used for buying or just a place to display your wares? The other thing you need to consider is what you want your customers to do when they visit your website. Do you want them to order, email, phone or drive to your location? If any one of these is your need then you need to make that information easily accessible to your web visitors. Another item to consider with people visiting your website is it easy to  use – you do not want to frustrate your clients. Make it easy for them to navigate pages and to find the information you want them to view, use the two click rule – they should be able to find what they need in two clicks. If you want them to go somewhere else make it look like a button – people like to push buttons. Always make sure to keep you website fresh – keep your information current and up to date – change your schedules and make sure you update pricing. You need to set yourself apart form your competitors – showing your personality and introduce yourself to new clients on your website. You also need to find a way to keep people coming back to your website. A couple ways to do that is to attach a blog to your website as a way to demonstrate your experience and knowledge in your particular field and can help your clients interact with you. You can also attach a monthly newsletter to your website to invite your clients to learn more about you. Keep in mind that once you have your website up and running you need to review the statistics to evaluate how people use your website and what you can tweek to make it more user friendly. Another consideration is how are people going to find your site – they won’t visit just because you have it, you will need to drive people to you whether it’s through Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Market, Pay per Click or just plain old fashion word of mouth. Maki at Educyber can help you out with all of these items and work up a website that meets all of your needs.

Maki DeLaet   *  Educyber  *  *  303-268-2245

The second speaker today was Terry Gore of Homemade Gourmet. She set prior to our meeting a couple of new bread dips that Homemade Gourmet has created for the fall season. They were Garlic & Parmesan Bread Dip and Italian Red Pepper Bread Dippin’ Mix. At the beginning of her talk she asked what we all thought – we all loved the Italian Red Pepper Mix and a couple of mentions for the Garlic & Parmesan was a tad to salty. Terry took her time to discuss the new fall food products, which include the Gusty Garlic Pesto Cheese Ball, Jalapeno Ole Soup mix (which is not hot), and the Skillet Chicken and Biscuit mix or Skillet Beef with corn bread mix. Homemade Gourmet is also offering a Tea Party Trio which includes three different teas and the names are Cinnamon Spice Makes Everything Nice, Zentastic Blackberry Jasmine Green Tea & Mojito Mint Tea. You can purchase these either separately or in the trio-each packet makes 3 gallons of tea and can be served hot or cold. Homemade Gourmet also have brought back the Spiced Cider Mix – which you can add to either apple cider or cranberry juice and serve hot, perfect for those cold winter evenings. Some of the other fall/winter collection are the Skillet Tex Mex Dinner, which used to be just the Spanish Rice – was created into a full entre, the Country Style Gravy Mix – which has only 30 calories and no fat per serving, and the Velvety Creations Sauce mix – a versatile sauce base that can be used with everything from pasta to fish. Homemade Gourmet also has two new deserts that we are looking forward to taste test for Terry some time in the future – Bodacious Butterscotch Pie Mx and Cinnamon Pecan Streusel Cake Mix – both sound yummy!

Terry Gore  *  Homemade Gourmet *  *  303.278.7985