The first of our speakers today was Maki DeLaet of EduCyber in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. Maki talked today about the time saving tools in Microsoft Outlook. The main thing to keep in mind about Microsoft Outlook 2007 is that it can be synced with your PDA, Blackberry, iPhone and the Droid. Maki had her computer and walked us through many of the main screens – showing us first in the general area where to find the help menu and how to change the views on your screen. She took us through many of the functions of Microsoft Outlook such as how to customize your screen for your needs – such as what you need to see first thing like your calendar for the day. Maki demonstrated how to set up the task option in Outlook and how simply you can use the task options to organize your tasks and how you can easily prioritize, show the status of the task and how to change the percentage of completion. Helping you keep track of your progress on any job you have in production. Outlook also allows you to color code you events and projects to help you keep track of who in your office is doing which project or meeting. Then Maki moved on to the calendar options – first showing us how to change the view so you can customize for how many days you want to see at once. She then showed how us how to setup appointments and the variety of options that we can use. In the Outlook calendar functions you can set up one time appointment or recurring appointments which once set up will show up on the same day for the amount of time you select. Another time saving function of Outlook is when an email comes in with an event you need or want to attend you can simply drag the event to your calendar and it will put in on the correct day and time. The calendar will also remind you that the event is coming up – with this option you can set it up to remind you up to a day in advance. The last item Maki discussed with us was that with an office network you can view every one’s schedule at a glance, making scheduling very easy as you can identify who is available and who is not. If you need help setting up your website, how to use social media for your business or just have computer issues in your office give Maki at Educyber a call.

 Maki DeLaet * Educyber * 303.268-2245 * @educyber.commdelaet

“Your Technology Partner”

Our second speaker was Angela Wihelmi from NuSkin Galvanic Spa. Angela spoke about how the NuSkin corporation has come along way since being introduce to the American market in 2008 – moving from the medical industry to the beauty industry. It used to be that in the past, your face revealed how old you were, now with the NuSkin Galvanic Spa, it reflects how young you feel. Most of us didn’t really manage our skin care in during the teen years and that lack of attention can start to catch up with you in your 30’s. Not only how we took care of our skin when we were young but also the effects of mechanical, biological, and environmental aging, in our 30’s to 50’s we can notice the loss in skin elasticity, an increase in uneven skin tone and texture, enlarged pores, and the development of fine lines and wrinkles. Suddenly, your reflection appears years older than it needs to. Angela spoke to the Galvanic current found by Luigi Galvani in the late 1700’s and how with the use of the ageLoc treatments and the Galvanic Spa is the reality of today to reduce the look of fine wrinkles and skin elasticity. NuSkin Tru-Targeted Treatments are the latest in cutting edge, technologically with new advanced formulas designed to address the your specific needs of aging skin. The ability for you to target specific areas and deeply drive the ageLOC solutions into the dermis with the clinically proven technology to provide precise solutions to the way your skin can change over time—making you look beautiful and youthful looking at any age. This has been an fun and exciting adventure for Angela – she has had clients from as far away as France, this was a woman who was visiting Grand Junction, CO from France and found Angela on the Internet through our Connect Club website and wanted to order a spa from her. A local woman who had suffered from cystic acne most of her adult life – is now acne free after using the Galvanic Spa for a month and now swears by the treatments! If you want to look younger and improve your skin give Angela a call!

Angela Wilhelmi * NuSkin Galvanic Spa * 303.875.7440 *