Our only speaker today was one of our newest members, Susan Mayfield, owner of Reduce the Chaos – Virtual Office Assistant. Susan started her talk explaining how she came to the personal organizer and office assistant industry. Susan came from a family of packrats and along with that she herself had the sewing bug. So growing up she was surrounded by unorganized stuff and when she moved out on her own she felt that organization was important – then moving many times helped her trim down and stay organized. Her early jobs were in office managing, Susan would go in and see how unorganized an office was and would find ways to streamline the system. Such as one office where they had forms from various years that could be incorporated into one form and she did just that and threw out all the old forms. On the side Susan was helping friends organize their lives and homes and then with a research, she found that she could get paid and the first version of Reduce the Chaos was born. Susan became a personal organizer helping many people trim down their worlds. However, it didn’t take Susan to long to realize that she could not keep doing this – mainly because of her allergies, but also because of her height and that made it difficult for her to work, where high shelves and cabinets were involved. She got started in this industry was to help people and they also must understand that organization happens from the inside out. Susan would be working quick and still have to help the client change their mindset in the process.
Susan moved on from the personal organization to the virtual office assistant with the idea that she can help you clean up your virtual clutter. Sometimes, do you ever look at your computer and think that it’s all just too much – Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, email, programs to complete your business. Do you blog for your website or send out email newsletters or special offers? This is the part that Susan can help you with – with the Virtual Office Assistant and Social Media Management, Susan can plan out when your newsletters go out, posts to your Facebook page or Twitter account.
A couple quick tips that Susan gave to us today was to clean up your electronic desktop – reorganize your folders, throw away or file the folders so your desktop has fewer folders and also clean out your email. Most of us keep emails that we do not need any more therefore it is creating visual clutter is your life.
If you need someone to gain control of your social media or help you keep your business in front of your clients via email marketing give Susan Mayfield and Reduce the Chaos a call!
Susan Mayfield * Reduce the Chaos * 916.534.2048 * reducethechaos@gmail.com