Todays’ first speaker was Juli Parrott of Table Mountain Travel in Lakewood, Colorado. Juli took her time today to speak to us about the ten things you need to do before a trip. Once you have made the all of your travel plans, think about these ten things to have a stress free vacation. Number one is to contact a kennel and/or house sitter – doing this will verify that you have a safe place for your pets while you are gone and/or a qualified and trustworthy person to take care of your home while you are away. Number two is to take care of “stop” orders and advance payments – this will ensure that no deliveries will be made while you are gone and left sitting on your porch. By making payments in advance to your bills or other services provided at your home will reduce stress on your trip. Third item would be to manage your cash – by stopping at your local bank prior to departure and taking out the cash you need for your trip will save you from trying to find an ATM at your destination and you will avoid those pesky ATM fees when getting cash from a strange bank. When traveling overseas the most economical action is to hit an ATM when you arrive at the airport and get you cash in the local currency. Most of the international airports have several ATMs throughout the airport. Number four is to call your credit card company or bank – most credit card companies and banks track their clients spending habits and may think that a sudden spending spree outside your normal area as fraud and could lock your account. For number five you will want to plan your first day – by doing this you will make the most of what can be a confusing day. Number six is to plan your first drive – in a new city or country you want to have an idea of where you are going once you pick up your car. Mapping this out can help you arrive at your hotel quickly and relaxed. Number seven will be to pack your cell phone ear piece, cell phone use in cars vary from state to state and this will help you avoid a stop by the police. Number eight is to search the web search of your hobbies in your destination city – by doing a little research you may find the perfect way to spend a day doing your favorite thing. Number nine will be to check the public transit maps on the web – this way you can find out if they are having any problems or find a cheap way to get around your destination city. And ten will be to check the local entertainment listing – this will give you look at events that you may want to see while you are in town. These listing will also give the local “best of” types of lists so you can find a great place for dinner or a fun activity for an afternoon. A few other items that are also important to do for your trip is to check the weather – this will help you pack more economically, program your airline and hotel phone numbers into your cell phone, then lastly put all of the items you need upon your return home in a plastic bag so when you arrive home you don’t have to search through your bag for your keys or documents that you need. Keeping these tips in mind will help make your vacation stress free and fun. If you need a travel agent to plan your next great adventure be sure to give Juli Parrott at Table Mountain Travel a call!

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Our second speaker today was Lori Bush- Engel of Modern Woodmen of America. Keep Lori in mind when planning your financial future.

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