Our two speakers today were Anna K. Roche  – Accountant and Joan Brown of JB Decorating, Interior Designer.

Anna K. Roche spoke first on the topic of the cities of Wheat Ridge, Lakewood, Golden & Arvada looking into taxing for services. They feel that their communtities are older communties in which there is not a younger spending population. The cities are researching demographics in the area to determine if the current taxes are keeping up with community services. As many of us in this group are in service industries this is something we have to keep in mind and plan for what may happen – not wait and see if it does.

Anna Roche, P.C.   *  Certified Public Accountant  *  303.403.0775

Our second speaker Joan Brown spoke about the trends in color. She recently attended a seminar on the current trends for color in the next year. Benjamin Moore Paints sends people all over the world to look for these trends. The latest trends are towards red, black (and shades of black) and yellow as colors for 2010, as well as the natural colors are remaining strong with the green movement.  Along with gold and orange being two other colors that is making a big comeback for 2010, being the warm summertime colors and used in combination with either a natural color, black or white in fabrics. Red is coming back with a sleek and shiny feel to bring in elegance. The colors that are coming for 2010 seem to be bright and bold the thinking is it is due to some optimism in the economy.

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