Today we had a spotlight speaker – our newest member Gloria McDermott from Tastefully Simple. Gloria was initially with Homemade Gourmet and moved to Tastefully Simple when they bought Homemade Gourmet last spring. Tastefully Simple started in Minnesota in 1995, creating a line of gourmet foods that are either packaged for immediate eating or with very simple instructions and minimal ingredients. The business was started by Jill Balshack Strahan, originally she created gift baskets with gourmet foods and has now built it into a multi billion dollar company. They are just moving into this area of the country having built the bulk of their business in the north and north east of the country. With the purchase of Homemade Gourmet – Tastefully Simple plans on incorporating the 4 Meals in 4 Minutes and complete meal making options that Homemade Gourmet offered which will open up many new options to their customers. Gloria just came back from a recent Tastefully Simple convention and was very happy to see how much the company cares and supports their consultants. Gloria brought with her today some items for us to sample the first being the Black Aztec Chips and the Corn, Black Bean Salsa – all I have to say is yummy!! Gloria, also, brought in the company’s number one seller, Tastefully Simple Bountiful Beer Bread – it has a wonderful taste and is very moist. This bread can be made with beer and water or any other carbonated beverage for a different flavor of your choice. The next item that Gloria talked about was the Tastefully Simple Chocolate Ugly Cake – just add water and bake to indulge yourself in chocolate heaven. Tastefully Simple has a full line of sweets for any craving from Malted Cocoa mix to Truffle Fudge Brownie mix to Peanut Butter Popcorn. If you visit the Tastefully Simple website you will find variations on recipes for almost every item in their catalog. The Tastefully Simple website offers over 5000 recipes to create the perfect sumptuous meal with minimal labor on your part. Tastefully Simple offers a line of mixes that can be added with simple ingredients to make wonder dips – such as the Dried Garlic & Garlic Pesto Mix – just add olive oil and water for a wonderful pesto in just 10 minutes. Other offerings from Tastefully Simple are their seasonings such as the Garlic Garlic Seasoning Blend – use in place of fresh garlic without the peeling and mincing or the Seasoned Salt – sea salt blended with spices and vegetables for adding zest to any dish. So if you need help in the kitchen to create the perfect meal give Gloria from Tastefully Simple a call!

Gloria McDermott * Tastefully Simple * 303.252.4353 *