Our first speaker today was a guest speaker from Jefferson County Schools, Christina Ruffitta, MA, CRC. Christina came in today to talk to us about the SWAP Program provided to employers through the Jefferson County School system. The School to Work Alliance Program (SWAP) is a collaborative initiative between the Colorado Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) and local school districts/Board of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES), and is supported by the Colorado Department of Education (CDE). SWAP provides case management and direct services to young adults with disabilities who:
• Are potentially eligible, applicants of or are eligible to receive DVR services (meeting disability documentation requirements and able to benefit from the program); and
• Have mild to moderate needs in employment;
• Need support in developing vocational awareness, career exploration, and experiencing career and employment opportunities to become competitively employed and to achieve successful outcomes.

The purpose of SWAP is to assist young adults in making the transition from school to employment, provide successful employment outcomes, increase community linkages, and new patterns of service for young adults within all categories of disabilities. The program’s goals include:
• Building on current transition planning efforts;
• Creating a career pathway through pre-employment transition services;
• Filling the case management gap for the targeted population; and
• Supporting collaboration between DVR and local school districts/BOCES.

SWAP is intended to provide employment-related assistance to young adults with disabilities, who are experiencing mild to moderate barriers to employment. Disabilities can include but are not limited to physical, emotional, or learning disabilities. SWAP provides opportunities for young adults to practice and improve workplace skills, consider their career interests, and obtain real world work experience that will lead to competitive, integrated employment in today’s high demand industries.

The services that SWAP may offer to young adults that are potentially eligible or are eligible for services provided through DVR can qualify to receive evaluation and diagnostic services, vocational counseling and guidance, physical and mental restoration services, and training. Additionally, SWAP may provide services such as:
• Pre-employment transition services
• Career exploration
• Career development
• Employment-related instruction

SWAP may provide services when appropriate to:
• Potentially eligible, applicants of or eligible for DVR services, and
• Young adults between the ages of 15-24, and
• Have mild to moderate needs in employment, and
• Typically living within the boundaries of a school district/BOCES participating in the SWAP program. Young adults who do not live in a participating district/BOCES may access vocational rehabilitation services directly through DVR.

Young Adults could be:
• In-School:
• Person with a disability under 504 of the Americans with Disability Act
• Receiving special education services
• Suspected or known disability not under any other category
• Out-of-School
• Graduated or aged out
• Drop-out or at risk of dropping out
• Under or unemployed

The funding of a SWAP site occurs when schools provide state or local funds to DVR, which are then matched with federal funds. These funds are used to pay for staff and other expenses related to SWAP. Additionally, DVR pays the cost of case services for young adults assisted by the project. Participation in SWAP is optional by local districts/BOCES.
Christina Ruffitta, MA, CRC * JeffCo Public Schools * 303.982.2155 * Christina.Ruffitta@jeffco.k12.co.us

The second speaker for today was Laura Kilty with Shaklee Corp. Laura’s talk today was centered around “Having a healthy happy holiday season and beyond”. How to start and maintain your healthiest self.
1) Start by eating a balanced diet composed of unprocessed foods without a lot of fat and simple sugars.
2) Get plenty of sleep.
3) Exercise on a regular basis. Both too little or too much exercise can weaken the immune system. (You might have guessed that the problem for most of us is the too little rather than the too much.)
4) Minimize your reliance on medications. Many common medications actually weaken the immune system (listen to the disclaimers on the tv commercials). IT IS IMPORTANT to work with your doctor on this step!!
5) Maintain ideal body weight – having those excess pounds can really zap your immune system.
6) Focus on the positive. Studies show that optimists are healthier and live longer than pessimists. For most of you this is a lifestyle choice – not something we are born with.
7) Add in a supplement program to ensure that your immune system is functioning at its optimum. In an ideal world we wouldn’t need this but with the processed foods out there we are not getting what we need!

A well-designed supplement program will fill in the “gaps” in your diet. We want to make sure that we are getting adequate nutrition to keep our immune system healthy. Here are the nutrients you need:
1) B vitamins and protein – because our immune cells need to divide rapidly when we have immune challenges.
2) Antioxidants – because our immune cells create a lot of free radicals. These are the beta-carotene, Vitamin C & E.
3) Trace Minerals – because they are required by important enzymes of the immune systems. Get these from the Shaklee Vita-Lea multi-vitamin/multi-mineral.
4) Vitamin D – is vital to the support of the immune system, if you are not getting enough sun, a supplement is a great alternative.
5) Omega-3 fatty acids – this modulates the immune system once it has taken care of the invading bacteria or viruses.
It just so happens that all of these little goodies are available in the Shaklee Vitalizer daily strip. Along with the Shaklee’s Life Shake for that all important healthy protein to keep you in balance. You don’t need mega doses – you just need enough.

So, that’s the getting healthy part now for the staying happy part. Realize that you don’t have to do everything and avoid getting caught up in the holiday season frenzy. Shaklee’s Stress Relief Complex is Laura’s hero for times like the holidays. It’s a fabulous product that you can take when you need it. Maybe keep a couple in your purse for those “emergencies”.
The staying healthy beyond part – the new year is when many of us take time to reflect on the past year and those things we would like to do better or areas of our life where we would like to make a change. It is best to be specific on what needs to change – such as “I want to lose xx number of pounds” rather than “I need to lose weight”. Health and money are usually among the top areas for change year after year. Areas concerning your health may include getting to your desired weight or maybe it’s something particular, or just generally get healthier type of goal. Laura can definitely help you and those that you know in this area. She will work with you to come up with a plan that is right for you, that’s do-able and will fit in your budget. A lot of time those “resolutions” don’t last because we really haven’t dug deep into the “why” of what we want to change. Our bodies and minds like whatever is familiar, so we have to convince our brain that change is a good thing. If it’s getting healthier – let’s break that down. First of all, what does that mean to you. It can mean a lot of things to each person. Once you break it down – maybe it means to have more energy, so you can travel and explore and not just view life or maybe its more energy to play with your grandchildren. This is a personal thing to you, so you really need to sit with it and dig deep.

One tool you can use to find out steps to your health goals is Shaklee’s HealthPrint. It’s a free 20 – question quiz that should take you five minutes. It’s a great tool to assess where you’re starting from health wise. You will receive health tips on taking your health in a different direction. Take time to explore the whole site – check out all of the tabs like “learn more” or “read more”. Just a hint for working with this site, HealthPrint asks for your top 3 areas of health you would like to improve. Put your highest priority in spot number 1 – then your other two priorities, it will make a difference. What Laura appreciates about the HealthPrint site is that lifestyle changes are shown to you first and then supplementation ideas to help you even more. She thinks this is a great tool and you can take it as often as you want or like many of Laura’s other clients, who take it every six months – just to see their progress. The link to take the HealthPrint is Bit.ly/laurakilty.
And lastly – Laura reminded us that money is usually in the top 10 as well. A Shaklee business can bring in that income. It is a flexible business that you can weave into and around your daily life. There is no inventory to carry, no income cap and no employees. The benefit of a residual income, a sense of purpose and of community and it is a business that you can be passed to your children. There are Shaklee business that span 5 generations with each generation building on the last. There is also no retirement age- unless you want to. Many Shaklee leaders are in their 90’s and have no desire to retire! Laura hopes that you keep her in mind when you are out and about this holiday season and into the new year!
Laura Kilty * Shaklee * 720.480.5361 * kiltyco@aol.com * vibranttransformation.com