Our first speaker this week was Ruthie Williams of Stampin’ Up in Golden, Colorado. Ruthie has been a Stampin’ Up demonstrator for 11 years and she has held one or more classes a month since she first started, with the exception of December the last couple years.  December has just become too busy as our family has grown over the years.  Ruthie has two adult children from my first marriage of 14 years. Her husband, Rick has three from his first marriage.  Together, they have 12 grandchildren (6 boys, 6 girls), 3 great grandchildren (2 boys, 1 girl) and another on the way! Ruthie loves teaching and creating her cards and many other art projects!  She feels blessed to have found a creative outlet that she enjoys so thoroughly.
Ruthie’s desire is to create cards, 3 D projects, frames and glass block art – that she feels good about.  That being said, she may go into her craft room and make one card in a day or as many as 3 or 4.  Sometimes it may take her several days to perfect the final project and then there are times when she just has to put a project aside for a few weeks. Ruthie will throw away a card before giving it or sending one that she is not happy with.  Ruthie had photos of the variety of other items that she has created over the years, these included shadow boxes, framed art, lighted glass blocks. She also has made every grandchild a furry bear Christmas stocking, each one is different and has their name on it.  She has done crafts her entire life. Ceramics, Pottery, crocheting, cross-stitch, sewing – her own and clothes for others, quilting, macramé and jewelry.
So, more about Stampin’ Up!  Starting 2018 Stampin’ Up! is celebrating its 30 year anniversary!!!!!!  Stampin’ Up! is in many other countries now too! Canada, France, Germany, Australia, and many more! Ruthie loves the company and the way they will not sell inferior products and they stand behind their products.  This is Stampin’ Up!s  statement of the heart. The company has an annual catalog  that comes out June 1st and 2 seasonal catalogs Seasonal catalog dates are as follows:
The holiday catalog will have a preorder in August and run from September through early January.
The occasions catalog will have a preorder in December and run from January through May.  And a new one was just posted yesterday for us to preview, Ruthie is so excited!!!
Ruthie passed around cards that she has created and are for sale.  Most are $4.00, if a different price, they have it marked on the back.  There are just a few that have a sticky note on the back.  If you would like to order one or more, just sign on the back with quantity desired and Ruthie will get those made up.  She had Christmas cards and many other styles, most are blank inside, some are not.  I do have some great stamps for inside sentiments, just let her know if you want something on the inside and Ruthie will give you options.  Ruthie also will make custom cards for you as well.  Prices are based on materials cost. Ruthie then held up the card that she made at her Sunday Holiday Stamp camp!   Ruthie loves what she does!  Stamping is very relaxing and it is not difficult, everyone should give it a try!!!
Ruthie Williams * Stampin’ Up * 303.278.3520 * ruthiemarykay@gmail.com * www.ruthiewilliams.stampinup.net


Our second speaker today was Amanda Erck, owner of Glitter & Grout in Denver, Colorado. water supplyAmanda talked today about simple ways to upgrade your home without having to call in a contractor – she’s thinking about starting a series, and we can talk about you becoming your own handyma’am! Today, Amanda showed us how to replace a bathroom faucet – this is something that would cost between $180-220 if you called a plumber, when anyone can easily do it in under an hour. Amanda had a sample sink and new faucet to show us where things are and how to get to them.
Here’s what you need:

1.       A new faucet (I’m using a ‘contractor grade’ Glacier Bay faucet from Home Depot https://www.homedepot.com/p/Glacier-Bay-Constructor-4-in-Centerset-2-Handle-Low-Arc-Bathroom-Faucet-in-Brushed-Nickel-67499W-6A04/300687495)

2.       New supply lines (If needed – if your existing supply lines are braided and aren’t leaking, you don’t need to replace them. These are found in the ‘faucet’ section of the plumbing isle https://www.homedepot.com/p/Homewerks-Worldwide-3-8-in-O-D-x-1-2-in-IPS-x-1-33-ft-Braided-Stainless-Steel-Faucet-Supply-Line-2-Pack-7223-16-38-2-BG2/205708839 )

3.       A pair of channel locks, a crescent wrench, or a set of adjustable pliers (I’m using channel locks, but here’s a variety set: https://www.homedepot.com/p/Husky-Slip-Joint-Wrench-and-Pliers-3-Piece-96797/205975271 )

Step 1
This is really more of a step 1A. You want to first turn off the water supply to the faucet, by turning off the supply lines. There should be two shut off handles under your sink – one for hot and one for cold. To turn off the supply, simply turn the handle clockwise(righty-tighty). Then turn your faucet on to release any water in the lines.

Pic from Lowes.com
Step 2
Disconnect the supply lines from the existing faucet. Use your wrench to disconnect the TOP of the supply line from the bottom of the faucet. If you are not replacing the supply lines, you do not need to disconnect the bottom of the supply lines. If you DO need to replace the supply lines, remove them completely and replace them. Tighten with wrench.
                                                           Pic from DIY.com
Step 3
Remove the old faucet! Remove the plastic mounting nuts connecting the faucet to the sink. You may need to disconnect it from the drain.






Pic from TBA.us

Pic from Lowes

Step 4
Install the new faucet! Make you to keep the plastic piece (gasket) on. Mount with new plastic mounting nuts and reattach the supply lines. Turn the water supply back on slowly.

Step 5
For steps on how to replace the drain, and detailed instructions of what I’ve covered, check out the following sites:
If you are looking for a contractor the will work with you to create a new kitchen, bathroom or entire home – give Amanda Erck and Glitter & Grout a call!
Amanda Erck * Glitter & Grout * 720.429.0903 * Amanda@glitterandgrout.com * www.glitterandgrout.com