Our first speaker today was Ruthie Williams with Stampin’ Up in Golden, Colorado. Today Ruthie had us do a simple project and create candy bags for Valentine’s Day. Ruthie handed out all the pieces to put together our candy bags. She worked with us to put the pieces togetherand walked us through each step until we each had a bag of chocolate that looks great!This is a very simple Stampin’ Up project that anyone can do and make it look perfect.
If you are looking for a Stampin’ Up instructor or a place to take classes give Ruthie Williams a call and she can help you create cards or that special project!

Ruthie Williams * Stampin’ Up * 303-278-3520  * ruthiemarykay@gmail.com

Today’s second speaker today was Susan O’Kelley of Avanti Services in Golden, Colorado. Avanti Services is your one stop for all your insurance needs – home, business, auto and property. Today Susan first wanted to cover who is a good lead for her and what she can do for them.
New Businesses – If they have never owned a business before Susan and Avanti Services can offer them guidance and direction for coverages, packages and asset protection.
Mature Businesses – If a business has expanded or decreased rapidly and need changes to their current policies. If a company has recently added new products or services and have never reviewed their current policy. If they have increased employees and now need a group insurance plan.
Loan Officers – Let them know that Avanti Services can get them a quote turned around immediately. A policy can be quoted quickly and written COD via email with the right information.
Real Estate or Property Management Offices that need Presenters – Avanti Services has the knowledge and experience to get their clients coverage ASAP. If asked to present to a group Susan brings breakfast or lunch.
People currently starting or involved in the Home Buying Process – Chances are they will be financing and will need Dwelling Protection. Sometimes the purchase is an individual’s Seasonal Home or Investment Property
Seasoned Investors with 5 or more properties – These are investors that are organized as a LLC or Corporation, often may have 10 or more properties.
Individuals Needing Health Insurance – People that no longer have coverage from their employers or people aging into Medicare.
Property Managers / Auto Lenders – Let them know that with the proper information Avanti Services can write policies within a 1 hour turnaround.

Keep your ears open for people bragging about a new house, car, baby, grandchild, etc or people complaining about losing their house, car or job. Any lifestyle change is an opportunity for you to casually suggest that their insurance needs have probably changed. Ask for their number and tell them that Susan O’Kelley at Avanti Services will call them for a FREE insurance review. So if you or any clients, friends or family need an insurance review trust that Susan O’Kelley and her team at Avanti Services will take good care of you and anyone that you refer.

Susan O’Kelley * Avanti Services * 303.278.2278 * www.MyAvantiServices.com * info@MyAvantiServices.com