Our first speaker today was Karen Rice with Silpada Designs in Arvada, Colorado. Silpada offers a beautiful collection of unique, artisan crafted .925 Sterling Silver jewelry that embodies all the ideals we hold most dear: an appreciation of creativity, quality, natural materials, and beauty. Karen’s talk today started her talk today telling about the Silpada convention that she recently attended. At the convention they brought the new fall catalog and highlighted the newest items which include linked chains and mixed metals. To take a look at the new fall line go to silpada.com or call Karen Rice and let her show you the line in your own home. Karen also wanted to talk to use about the trends leading into fall. 1) Wearing a piece that makes a statement – this is a large piece that can stand on its own, like a bold necklace. If you are looking for a statement piece take a look at either the Grandeur Necklace by Silpada this is a mixed metal and gemstone piece that is bold and beautiful or the Bring the Heat necklace a simple silver chain with a bold red tigers eye stone. Both of these pieces definitely make a statement. 2) The more the merrier – the current trend is wearing a lot of bracelets and rings, mixing a varieties of styles is very stylish. Silpada has several options whether you are looking for an “arm party” the Star Studded Bangle or the Willow Bangle are great choices. If you are looking to fill your fingers with rings be sure to take a look at the Silpada Stack Rings -15 different style that will all nest together for a sophisticated look. 3) Colors – the color for spring and summer was turquoise and moving into fall and winter it is changing to neutrals like pyrite and then through in the boldness of emerald. Such as the new pieces available through Silpada like the Double Duty Beauty – one side is emerald and the other side is a deep cobalt or the Bubble up Necklace – a simple silver necklace with circles of a variety of sizes linked together. There are a few things Karen wanted to share with us – one is that the Silpada Charms that they introduced a couple years ago are being discontinued and are on sale for 19.00 each, these charms where originally priced from 39.00 – 69.00. Lastly Karen let us know that all the new items – for a limited time – are available at a 10% discount!! So if you want to get your girlfriends together for a party and get some free jewelry give Karen Rice of Silpada a call!!

Karen Rice * Silpada Designs * 303-384-3552 * Karen-rice@comcast.net

The second speaker of the day was Karen Lee of Karen Lee Massage Center in Golden, Colorado. Karen uses Integrative Massage, which includes deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, acupressure, Reiki, pregnancy massage and infant massage. She is also certified in Sports Massage levels 1, 2 and 3 and works with people who have chronic pain, whiplash injuries, sports injuries, and soft tissue injuries. She also can work with people who have stress or in need of relaxation. Karen is a massage teacher, and was also the owner of The Golden Institute of Massage. Karen got into the field of massage therapy so that she could help others to be free of stress in their bodies with greater flexibility and a renewed connection to themselves. Today Karen wanted to talk to us about 12 Color Meditation or Mind-Body-Spirit Integration Mediation. These are tools that embody all physical, emotional, mental and spiritual conditions together as one. It addresses and balances them without the need for words or philosophical constructs and belief systems. When we are infants has 12 colors in it vibration and through this practice we can reclaim the integrity of those vibrations. Deep within the human body is an ellipse of energy that consists of the white light, each color subsequent to that surrounds the previous color like the layers of an onion. Each color or energy field carries a special encodement that helps to sustain a healthy and productive life in the body. The first six colors represent the function and maintenance of your body. At the venter is white and this white represents the life force energy. Without the white, you are dead, white is a universal energy that will work in any mind, body or spirit. In conjunction with the other the other colors the white restores the cells. Violet is the second layer. It carries that part of you being that is called spirit. Its color is vibrationally tuned to help you feel what is called intuition. Your intuition is your communication link to the source of all life. The next layer of indigo surrounds the violet. This resonance color allows communication between spirit and body in the senses ~ sight, touch, hearing, smell and taste, that which is harmonic within the physical realm and that which is beyond. This allows the person to know what is going on in the body. The other aspect of indigo is to have a deeper communication with your intuitive self – inner hearing, inner sight, inner knowing, etc. Indigo is the link between realms to help you know and understand through your inner wisdom. The other three base colors are in constant communication with the physical parts of your body as well as the DNA. When these colors are fully activated the body can maintain its own inherent balance. The first of these colors is metallic copper, which governs the neurological and cardiovascular systems within your body. The next is silver which governs the bones, teeth, tendons, muscles, cartilage and nails. Gold is the last of these special vibratory rays and governs the functions of all organs, glands, soft tissues, skin, hair and eyes. The next six outer layers are all about empowerment; these colors will help to sustain the emotional and mental harmonies of your being. The seventh layer is yellow, the first of the outer layers of the energetic blueprint of the body. Yellow holds the vibrational resonance of being internally aligned with that which brings you the deepest sense of wellbeing and that your actions are aligned with your highest ideals. Some people call it a sense of spiritual integrity. Yellow helps in holding on to the desire to live and people can become suicidal when they are low on yellow. The next color layer is emerald green – this layer supports the emotional body for self-love, self-worth and self-esteem, it will also help to heal emotional wounds. The ninth layer of color is blue green and this color will help you speak your deepest truth. It will align your thoughts with your heart or your emotional self and allows for integrity. A rich sky blue or sapphire is the tenth layer and this color is your harmonic vibration of creativity in thought. This is the vibration of your ideas, your “aha” moments and spontaneity. Blue is the link between the brain and the mind. The eleventh layer of color is magenta this encompasses all the wisdom and compassion. It is not just limited to the sort of love between a man and woman or mother and child, but love as a universal expression. This love exists simply because it is our essential nature, it exist because you do, whether you experience it directly or not. The final layer of color is mother of pearl (iridescent white) and is the equivalent to a protective blanket you wrap your newborn in. The outermost field is in communication with the core of your being (the white life force energy). This field is a protective field for your body and when in full force it protects the body from harmful energies – you might get a sunburn but it won’t become cancerous or inharmonious. When you are in a vibrationally challenging environment you should not be affected.  The practice of re-establishing your colors is breathing exercises – begin with an inhalation very slowly saying “I call forth [the specific color] life force energy”. Then let out about 10% of the breath and pause and allow the energy to fill your body. At this time you are allowing the life force color to fill you. You should be experiencing total relation and no tension. Then exhale while stating “I have received [the specific color] life force energy. If you do this twice daily for 21 days you will have re-established the layers with in you. The purpose of this practice is to begin and end your day by loving yourself. This will also allow time for the integration of mind, body, spirit and energy you were born with. If you need to re-establish your life force energy or just need a massage to release tension and stress give Karen Lee at Karen Lee Massage Center a call.

Karen Lee * Karen Lee Massage Center * 303-995-2117 * Karen.Lee41@gmail.com