Today’s only speaker was new member Karen Rice of Silpada Designs in Golden, Colorado. Karen took the first part of her time to let us know a little about her past. Karen grew up in Medora, North Dakota on a working ranch. Medora is a very small town in the badlands where they have about 80-100 year round residents. She went to college to study architecture and moved to the Denver area when she was 22. During her first years here she worked in modeling for local companies, was a stock broker for 8 years and a veterinary tech for 6 years. She met her ex-husband in the Royal Gorge while on a white rafting trip and they ran a rafting company out of Idaho Springs for a few years. After the divorce she found Silpada Designs through a family friend. She had been looking for a new career that didn’t have the brain damage and responsibilities of a brick and mortar business and would allow her to be at home for her 2 boys. That was 8 years ago and she still loves what she is doing every day!

Silpada Designs offers .925 silver jewelry that is nickel free and handcrafted. Silpada Designs was started by Bonnie Kelly and Teresa Walsh, who met when their oldest children were in first grade. They started trying out a couple of business models to bring in some extra income but it wasn’t until they each took $25 from their grocery fund and pursued their passion for sterling silver jewelry that they had found a business that they really enjoyed working with. They started creating the jewelry and having parties at friends’ homes, but it wasn’t until 1997 that they decided to take that next step and create Silpada Designs. This is when the pair created the exclusive line of sterling silver jewelry and the first catalog and invited friends and current clients to become representatives. After 15 years they have representatives around the world and are 2nd only to QVC in jewelry sales. The handcrafted jewelry now is created by master craftspeople from around the world, the jewelry is not plated or poorly strung, it is created with care and skill. The designs are created with forward thinking yet classical looks that will stand the test of time and will work with your wardrobe for years to come. Silpada Designs has a lifetime warranty on any piece. Another program that Silpada Designs offers is the Single Club – if you have lost an earring through this club they may be able to locate a match and you can purchase it at half price. So you can have the perfect matched set again. The Silpada group also has a strong support structure for all of their representatives and offers a mentoring program for new representatives to help them build their personal business. Their business model is “Wear it! Share It! Sell it!” and the in home approach of sharing with you girlfriends, having a party makes this a simple business plan and you can have a fun time doing it! If you are looking for an opportunity to make money and have fun Silpada Designs may be what you are looking for! And if you are looking for a reason to get the your friends together call Karen Rice and set up a Silpada Party!!

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