Our first speaker today was Laura Kilty of Shaklee in Golden, Colorado. Laura’s talk today was all about Earth Day. Get Clean for Earth Day, which will be on April 22nd. Shaklee sports one of the first official Earth Day products with their Basic H. In our world today many people’s first reason for switching over to green products is the environment – with Laura it was an entirely different reason, nothing less than the health of her family. The fact that her choice to switch helps the environment as well is a bonus. In all of our everyday cleaning products there are many bad chemicals that we assume are safe because they are they grocery shelf. This is not true many of these chemicals can not only cause allergic reactions, such as asthma or cause lifelong effects.

Shaklee’s Basic H is your all purpose concentrate, mixed in different strengths is can clean your windows, be an all purpose cleaner or a degreaser. Laura went on to tell us other fun ways to use the Basic H.

  1. Fruit and veggie wash – use 1/8 tsp of Basic H to 16 oz. of water. The fruit and veggie wash in your local grocery store runs for a small bottle 4.69-6.99 depending on the brand. Wash and rinse for pennies with the Basic H.
  2. 2.    Great for RV or Camping – when cooking on a camp fire, coat the bottom of your pans with straight Basic H and the soot will wipe right off!
  3. 3.    Wiping the dust of your indoor houseplants – the mix would be the same as the fruit or veggie wash.
  4. 4.    Use the Basic H as an invisible glove before taking on dirty jobs. By simply rub some on your hands and let dry, then when you are finished with the dirty work just rinse your hands off.

Another Shaklee product is the Basic G – Shaklee’s germicide – the disinfectant that is safe your home. With just ½ tsp of Basic G in 16 oz. of water at a cost of about .27 cents, this is for non-porous surfaces. The trick is to let it sit for 10 minutes to assure to effectiveness and in the kitchen wipe off with water. It will keep on killing germs for up to three days and when using in the bathroom there is no need to wipe down the surfaces. Unlike chlorine bleach, Basic G is totally biodegradable and won’t kill fish in the water ways and kills 44 types of germs. From one gallon of the Basic G, you can make 454 bottles of a safe an effective germicide.

Shaklee is having an Earth Day event on Thursday, April 21stat 7 pm at the Panera Bread on Wadsworth and 77th. Please bring someone with you and pay it forward.

Laura Kilty * Shaklee * 303-420-3359 * kiltyco@aol.com* LauraKilty.myshaklee.com

Our second speaker today was Dorothy Parrott of Behavioral Vision Care in Lakewood, Colorado. Dorothy wanted to let the new members in our group know how she ended up working in the behavioral optometry field. Dorothy was born in Fall City, NE, where her father had built a successful optometry business. Her mother’s parent came from central Nebraska of German descent and had 10 children – fun fact about her grandparents is that her grandmother was 5 ft. tall and her grandfather was 6 ft tall. Dorothy worked in her father’s office while she was growing up and learned about behavioral vision during this time in her life. Her father wanted her to be a concert pianist but when she went off to college Dorothy decided to major in dance. Soon after arriving in college, at the University of Wisconsin, she discovered that many of her friends and fellow students had a wide variety of vision issues. This is when she decided to become an optometrist. After college she married her first husband a dentist and adopted his daughter Juli, who is married and live in Arvada, she soon became pregnant with Douglas, who now lives in Maine with his wife and her youngest Stephen, who currently works with the ACLU.  The marriage eventually ended and she met and married Haden, who recently past, and enjoyed bring his five children into her life. At this point in her life she has no plans on retiring and is enjoying the learning more and more about behavioral optometry and it’s science every year. Dorothy also let us know that just last week she became a great grandmother for the 13th time!

Dorothy Parrott * Behavioral Vision Care * 303-986-9554 * dparrott@behavioralvision.com* www.behavioralvision.com