Our first speaker today was Laura Kilty of Shaklee in Golden, CO. Laura had a lot of information today, as Shaklee’s Global Convention was just held with over 5000 people in attendance from all over the US, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia and China.

Shaklee made a lot of great announcements – with new products, new research studies and changes to the Shaklee compensation plan, they updated and enhanced the already lucrative compensation plan – the most exciting is the addition of cars. Shaklee has made it possible for people working up to the higher levels to earn car bonus! The Shaklee Corporation is giving more rewards earlier in people’s businesses and more payments to infinity.

The convention allowed Shaklee to introduce a couple of their new products – starting with the new Shaklee Fiber Advantage Bar, where fiber meets flavor. Laura asked us “Why would we need a fiber supplement?” Research suggests that most Americans of all ages are not consuming enough fruits, veggies and whole grains. On average only 14.5% of adults – 18 and older – consume fruits 2 or more times a day and veggies 3 or more times a day and only 8% of youths in grades 9-12 consume their recommended daily fruits and veggies. Also less than 10 percent of American adults consume their recommended number of servings of whole grains daily. High fiber diets are essential to healthy digestion and the long term health of your colon. These new Fiber Advantage Bars are made with apples, dates, cinnamon and whole grain rolled oats. You get organic – you get gluten free and low sodium with no saturated or trans fats. In one bar you get 8 grams of fiber – you would have to eat ½ cup broccoli and ½ cup oatmeal and 1 whole apple and ½ cup carrots to get the same amount.

The next new item brought out by Shaklee this year is Vita-D3, which is a daily Vitamin D supplement that contains 1000IU per capsule. Recent research studies suggest that up to 80% of people in America have insufficient levels of Vitamin D – which offers so many health benefits. Vitamin D helps support healthy heart function, supports you immune system, helps with healthy cell development and increases your absorption of calcium, keeping your bones and teeth strong. The next time you visit your doctor have him check your vitamin D levels, a supplement may be required to keep you body healthy. Now, Laura stated, if you are already taking Shaklee Vita-Lea, Vita-Lea Gold or Vitalizer, each contains from 800IU to 1200IU of vitamin D and you are getting a good start. Today most calcium supplements as well contain additional vitamin D – depending on the brand – best always to check the label. So have talk with your doctor and if you need additional vitamin D – call Laura and find out if Vita-D is right for you.

Another new item brought out by Shaklee is their new Cholesterol Reduction Complex-1 in 3 people has high cholesterol – that works out to 80 million people and out of that 20 million are on medication for it – another 25 million have a prescription written for them, but do not take the medication because of the side effects. With Shaklee’s Cholesterol Reduction Complex an all natural complex that is clinically proven to prevent the absorption of cholesterol and lower LDL cholesterol. This supplement contains plant sterols and stanols which have been researched in over 8000 research publications and 80 clinical studies, is found naturally in plants, fruits, veggies and grains. Sterols and stanols are so identical tocholesterol that they fool the intestine and compete with the cholesterol for absorption, therefore less cholesterol is absorbed in by the body and less ends up in your bloodstream. The Cholesterol Reduction Complex provides 2000mg of sterol and stanols daily which is the highest amount in the industry but even more important  has been approved by the FDA to make the claim that this product “lowers your cholesterol naturally”, the first in the supplement industry. Shaklee’s Cholesterol Reduction Complex delivers 100% of sterols and stanols recommended by the National Institute of Health – that translates into 6.5 cups of soybeans or 59 oranges or 47.5 cucumbers. If your are vegetarian you can expect to get around 700mg of sterols and stanols daily from your diet, from a typical American diet you get around 250mg. If you are eating a lot of fast food you are probably getting less than 100mg daily. So have a talk  with your doctor, if you have high cholesterol, about using a natural solution. People on Lipitor can take the Cholesterol Reduction Complex, but as always work with your doctor, they may be able to lower you medication as they see how your body responds to the Cholesterol Reduction Complex.

The last new item Laura wanted to share with us was the Shaklee Get Clean Water Pitcher. This new water pitcher put out by Shaklee removes 56 contaminants from your water, competing against Brita which removes only 4 and Pur which removes only 23 contaminants. That is something to keep in mind when drinking your filtered water. Also, the Get Clean Water Pitcher works with the only “green” filter in the industry, in which, instead of throwing out the entire filter cartridge, like the Brita or the Pur systems, the actual filter is the only thing you replace. Go green and get the Get Clean Water Pitcher system.

The last thing that Laura wanted to share with us was the clinical studies that Shaklee has done in the last year. Why does Laura get so excited about the studies – it shows that the products work! Many companies can make the claims but it is just that… a claim. With these studies – Shaklee backs it up! Three of the studies that Laura shared with us are:

    1. A group of non-supplement taking people and had them take the Shaklee Vita-Lea Gold for eight weeks. Their vitamin D levels were in the insufficient range, by the end of the 8 weeks their vitamin D levels to the sufficient level. Vita-Lea Gold has 1000IU of Vitamin D.

    2. Another group of non-supplement taking people and put them on an 8 week regimen of Vitalizer. By the end of the 8thweek they all had increased their good HDL cholesterol by 15.4%, decreases their triglycerides by 13.8% and decreased their bad LDL cholesterol by 3.3%. This was just by adding Vitalizer to their morning regimen.

    3. A study that used a group of post menopausal women – one group took Shaklee’s Cinch Protein Shakes, Vitalizer and included exercise and the control group that just exercised for 8 weeks. The women on the Shaklee products increased their lean muscle mass by 22%, decreased their blood pressure and increased their bone density. In fact, those women who had osteoporosis moved up into the osteopenia range and those in the osteopenia range moved up to the normal bone density range. The effects from the above Vitalizer study also were shown in this group!

Laura will have the full details on each of these studies in September!

So here’s Laura question to you… what are you doing for the next eight weeks for your health? As you can see from these studies – doing something simple can have life changing effects. So if you have health challenges, this is the time to make positive changes. If you feel fabulous… you want to keep that going. Eat a plant based diet, exercise more, get to that optimal weight and make smart supplement choices. That is where Laura comes in, she can help you decide what is best for your lifestyle!

Laura Kilty * Shaklee * KiltyCo@aol.com * 303.420.3359

Today’s second speaker was Angela Wilhelmi from NuSkin Galvanic Spa. The NuSkin Galvanic Spa is a hand held unit that you use in combination with the AgeLock gels to diminish lines and wrinkles. By using the Spa consistently you can revitalized your skin and keep that healthy looking skin you love, by removing the impurities and pushing the AgeLock Gels deeper into the pores. Angela talked to us about some of the other areas that the NuSkin Galvanic Spa can help with, such as stretch marks, fresh scars (by keeping the area soft until completely healed), varicose veins and the back of the arms. The treatment for varicose veins is 5 mins a day – 3 times a week with the body gel and body head attachment, and she reminds us one again that being consistent is the key! The past week has been really exciting for Angela – she ran into a neighbor that she doesn’t see very often and the woman made a comment on the changes in Angela’s skin and now wants to have a demonstration done for her. The other contact that she made was with an Aesthetician, who is going to put her in contact with local Aesthetician School to talk with the students and possibly introduce the Galvanic Spa into their offices when they start their careers. Good leads for Angela are those friends that are using Botox, which can be very expensive, or those with that have skin issues that have been chronic throughout their lives such as cystic acne or old scars. The Galvanic treatments have been available in Europe and exclusive spas in the United States at cost of between 90 to 200 dollars per treatment and since it requires multiple treatments a month – it makes it to expensive for many people. Angela also wanted to remind those of with the first generation units that they are designing new head attachments for more concentrated and focused penetration of the gels. The NuSkin Galvanic Spa brings the cost down, so we can all experience the Galvanic benefits at home. If you want to try the half face demonstration yourself – give Angela Wilhelmi with NuSkin a call!

Angela Wilhelmi * NuSkin Galvanic Spa * 303.875.7440 * angela@creationsbyangela.com

The last item of note is one of our businesses was chosen as Business of the Year in Wheat Ridge Colorado!!

Maki DeLaet of EduCyber will be having an Open House to Celebrate this milestone!!!

Your Invited!!! August 17th 2010 – 4:30 to 7:00 pm at their office located at 4251 Kipling, Suite 190 in Wheat Ridge Colorado~