Our first speaker today was Laura Kilty from Shaklee in Golden, Colorado. Laura wanted to remind us that cold and flu season is just around the corner and Shaklee has everything you need to build an herbal medicine cabinet. The first step is getting your basics down, in other words, eat as well as you can, get enough sleep, exercise, wash your hands, cover your coughs – all those things you mom taught you. One other tip that Laura said was to watch your sugar. Adding to this you should have a wise supplementation plan, covering the gaps in your diet with a great multi-vitamin. Shaklee offers the Vita-lea line for adults and the Incredibites for children. Don’t forget the protein with the Shaklee Instant Protein or Energizing Protein you can get energy without raising your blood sugar. Remember that at least 60% of our protein intake goes into fueling the immune system. Next in the line of fighting off colds and flu is your digestive system, remember the 70% of your immune cells reside in your colon and Shaklee’s Optiflora is a unique, two-product system (Optiflora Prebiotic Complex and Optiflora Probiotic Complex) that provides dietary support for the normal, healthy balance of intestinal microflora. One thing we all should keep on hand is Vitamin C, essential for the manufacture of white blood cells, which gobble up virus, bacteria and etc. When you are Vitamin C deficient, the number of white blood cells can drop by 25% and of the remaining white blood cells lose their infection fighting ability. We lose Vitamin C everyday just with the stress in our daily life. Shaklee Vitamin C comes in two forms, a chewable Vita C and a Sustained Release Vita C. The next item for your herbal medicine cabinet is Shaklee’s Nutriferron an herbal blend that is made to be taken daily but many find that it works well if taken at the first sign of a virus or after being exposed to a few sick people. This remarkable immune boosting formula of four plants extracts that significantly enhances the body’s production of interferon; interferon is often referred to as the conductor of the body’s immune system. This is a great addition to anyone’s herbal medicine cabinet.

Then Laura wanted to go over a couple of Shaklee products that are good to have on hand. First is Shaklee Defend and Resist – a combination of Echinacea, Black Elderberry, Larch Tree and Zinc. This stimulates the body’s natural resistance and can actually stop a virus from duplicating. This capsule can be swallowed or crushed and made into tea and is safe for children. The second product is Garlic – a natural antibiotic and is effective against bacteria, viruses and fungus. When buying Garlic make sure that you buy one that is not deodorized – that removes the active ingredient Allicin. The third product is a Chewable Vitamin C which can help with sore throats. Laura next product is Shaklee’s Immunity Formula 1 – a vitamin/mineral based supplement. This supplement stimulates cells to produce antibodies and can be used on a daily basis. The fifth item is Shaklee’s Performance a hydration product like Gatorade but with much less sugars and easier on the stomach. Another product to keep on hand is Alfalfa which is a natural decongestant. The last item on the must have for your herbal medicine cabinet is Shaklee Stomach Soothing Complex – a combination of peppermint, ginger, anise and fennel, in tablet form to help with stomach issues.

Be prepared for cold and flu season, do those daily things you know you should and have on hands those extra nutrients on hand to shorten the duration of the bug… just in case! If you need to set up your herbal medicine cabinet give Laura Kilty with Shaklee and she can help you do just that!

 Laura Kilty * Shaklee * 303-420-3359 * KiltyCo@aol.com * LauraKilty.MyShaklee.com

The second speaker today was Kelly Baillie of LINCS Carpet Care and Denver Disaster Solutions in Wheat Ridge, CO. First off Kelly wanted to discuss with us was a tip that she shared with a Strategy for Success Seminar that Kelly and her husband just attended. In your cell phone save all of your business information along with a picture of you as a contact, so you text your “business card” to any new contact you meet. Now on to carpet and keeping a healthy home! One of the services that LINCS Carpet Care offers is tile and grout cleaning, remember that the grout lines in your floor probably shouldn’t be brown. The tile and grout cleaning service offered by LINCS Carpet Care will make your tile floor look brand new and will remove all of the dirt from the grout lines, so you original color can be seen again! The next topic Kelly wanted to go over with us was mold – many people get concerned about mold when they have a flood. Remember that there is mold around us all the time and most of it is not toxic. So when you have water issues in your house Denver Disaster Solutions can come in and dry out those areas to remove the threat of toxic mold. Just keep in mind that there are mold spores in our world that are beneficial. Next item on Kelly’s list today is questions that comes up daily for them, are the chemicals that they use to clean with safe for the family and pets? Yes, the chemicals that they use are safe for everyone in the home and the shampoos they use have fewer chemicals than one cigarette. The next item Kelly wanted to bring to our attention, because we have heard about them in the news is bed bugs. The best killer for bed bugs is ozone, with Denver Disaster Solutions, they have an Ozone Machine which they use in fire restoration to remove smoke odor from a home, however by placing this machine in a room for 48 hours they can kill most bed bugs. This is a side benefit of this machine and not something they are really marketing, but if you have an issue give Kelly a call. Lastly Kelly wanted to discuss was carpet protectant; Scotchguard is the industry standard that is used to protect your carpet. Using a product like this will extend the life of your investment, however it will not stop all staining – if you spill strawberry koolaid it will still stain red. There are some green alternatives for carpet protectant, just ask when you have service done. Keep Kelly Baillie with LINCS Carpet Care and Denver Disaster Solutions in mind when you are in need of carpet care!

Kelly Baillie * LINCS Carpet Care/Denver Disaster Solutions * 303-456-4555 * info@lincscarpetcare.com