Laura Kilty, of Shaklee was our first speaker this week, she spoke to us today about weight loss. We are all inundated with the diet ads and programs this time of year. Shaklee offers, not a weight loss program, but a weight management program for healthier lifestyle. Eighty percent of our health care dollars are spent on heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer – all conditions that have a great deal to do with weight. So with a healthy weight you can stave off these diseases and live a healthier life. The Cynch Program that Shaklee offers a program that is based in scientific fact and can help with a healthy and managed weight loss that you can maintain. The diets out that are out there offer but cause muscle loss which is not what you want – 1 poundof muscle burns 50 calories a day. So when dieting you really want to find a diet that helps you hold on to the muscle and burn the fat – which is what you want to really make your weight loss count! Shaklee’s Cynch Program is designed around weight lifters use of Leucine, which is a muscle retaining amino acid – Leucine in combination with protein helps build muscle and lose inches. The Cynch products are all based on this ratio to produce the best weight loss and retain 100% of your lean muscle mass.  The Cynch Shakes in four flavors, have 270-280 calories, 24 grams of protein and only 3 grams of fat – when mixed with non-fat milk – The Cynch Meal in a Bar offering 2 flavors as well – have 20 grams of protein and 6 grams of fiber. The Cynch Program also includes an Energy Tea and Snack Bars for those times when you need a little extra boost. So if your resolution this year is to get to a healthy weight – you should take a serious look at the Cynch Program from Shaklee!

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Helen Masterson, of Masterson & Friends Communication, spoke next and related our marketing and networking to the “Tao of Pooh”. Sometimes expert advice come from where you least expect it. Winnie the Pooh will tell you  that he is a “bear of a little brain”, but he is also a bear of grea wisdom because of the feelings of his friends are Pooh’s greatest concern.

As an example Pooh won’t stay in his corner of the 100 acre woods waiting for others to come to him. He would say: “You have to go to them sometimes.” So Helen adds. We need to think: who can we meet with in the next few weeks to “refresh” our network? What are we doing this week and this month to get to events nd meeting new prospects? The point is to get back out there, dust off your business cards, put a smile on your face… and remember that referral pop up in seconds.

While Pooh is visiting Eeyore, who can sometimes be difficult, because Pooh doesn’t know if Eeyore is listening. We, here in this group of women, were born to multi-task-hold and rock the baby, while cooking dinner and listen to someone who is talking to you. In this multi-tasking world there are times when we need to slow down, concentrate and really listen. In other words – stop multi-tasking, be patient and listen, so you don’t miss the point completely. When talking to someone who doesn’t appear to be listening, just slow down and be patient – they may just have a small piece of fluff in his ear.

Pooh often goes to Owl for important advice. Owl knows that social networking has become really important in our new world. The sites like MySpace and Facebook have hundreds of millions of members, how can you use these new formats in your business model. Owl says, wisely, that being online can be used as a powerful tool, but only if it’s directed in the right places. By spreading your message willy nilly across the social web won’t get you anywhere. Says Owl “Every social network has it’s own strengths and own character, by taking the time to get to know them individually is what will make the crucial difference in getting the most out o them. Owl states don’t think the social media will save you, it is just a tool in building a business.

Although Pooh is the most beloved character, there is no doubt that members of the 100 Acres Woods turn to Christopher Robin for help solving their problems. He is always able to sort out their problems and helps solve them personally. Like Christopher Robin, we should always respond to individual requests for help by brainstorming or helping someone think through their issue. Offer access to your customers and most importantly make personal gestures – pick up the phone instead of relying only on e-mail. In an age when we are dominated by technology, the human touch has great impact on your clients. Keep your contacts alive by writing a note or calling everyone in you network one or two times a year.

And Finally, “Always watch where you are going, otherwise, you may step on a piece of the 100 Acre Woods that was left out by mistake.”  Pooh rarelysat around, he always moved about the 100 Acre Woods carefully and conscientiously and got everything done in due time. When plans don’t work out – well – they just didn’t – no big deal. We have all come this far and so there’s no point getting stressed out until your seams split – make a new plan and get on with it!

Progress seems to be an immediate all or nothing game, but remember that if you aren’t watching where your going and just rushing about with out a plan like Tigger, you may miss out on some wonderful opportunity.

Just a few lessons from the lovable bear who’s stuffed with fluff.

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