Today’s first speaker was Laura Kilty of Shaklee Corporation in Arvada, Colorado. Laura wanted to talk about how to simplify our lives. We are living in an age of informational over load with tv, radio and the internet with facebook, twitter, instagram, pintrest and linkedin. It seems that everyone is giving advice and marketing products for health and each and every day there are revolutionary new products. There is tons of great marketing with products that are pretty crappy with no science, questionable ingredients and they don’t work and at worst are not safe. How do you know what you should choose? In this day and age you need to do your research – don’t trust in the marketing. The latest trend these days is what is called “green washing”, not only in household cleaners but also in so called health companies that use artificial sweeteners in many of their products. You need to read labels and find out what is exactly in your food and supplements. Do they use artificial color or food dyes? You don’t need those in a supplement. Do you have the time do read every label while shopping? Laura didn’t… in fact when she first began really looking at the supplements she was purchasing; she would spend tons of time at the health food store trying to decide which brand was the best. She was always disappointed, with each product she would use half the bottle and never notice a difference in the way she was feeling. Laura finally listened to a friend who had been telling her about Shaklee. Laura had always believed that nutritional supplementation made sense but she really did not believe that there was a difference in companies. Boy did she find out that she was wrong!! Once she had switched over to the Shaklee products, she could tell a difference. That got her looking into the company a bit deeper, this was where the rubber met the road. Shaklee is a company that walks the talk and backs up their entire product line with science. Not the science that is in advertising journals – that companies pay to get in – but in peer reviewed clinical researched journals. By knowing the company and its standards – testing on raw ingredients, testing to make sure what’s on the label is in each and every pill, Laura knows that any product she chooses from Shaklee is safe and effective. She saves on time and simplifies her life by shopping with Shaklee. So can you!

Laura wanted us to be aware that she offers nutritional consulting. She will sit down with you and come up with a personalized nutrition plan that is perfect for you and your life. Most companies will charge for this service, but when Laura got her certificate as a nutritional advisor she decided that she wouldn’t put that road block up for people. Of course the products she will recommend will be from the Shaklee line. She trusts the products and knows what they have done for her life and health.

Laura is putting together a 30 day Health Challenge. Good health is priceless. This can be the beginning of your journey to a healthier you and its risk free. Feel better in 30 days on one or two Shaklee programs or your money back! Contact Laura and get started right away.

Laura loves referral and she promises to take great care of them!

Laura Kilty * Shaklee * 303.402.3359 * *


The second speaker we had today was Helen Masterson from Masterson & Friends Communication in Arvada, Colorado. Helen received a BS in Advertising back in the day and has worked in many advertising firms here in Denver over the years before venturing out on her own. Over the years she has learned a few things that she would like to pass on to us today. Helen’s first job was in the production department at an advertising agency. The first thing she was told was to keep every memo and note on each project that was given to her. The reason for that is cya – you never know when someone is going to come back and dispute what you had done. Over the years Helen also learned to add memos to the file. Whenever something is verbally agreed upon, but not in writing, write it down in a memo about what was said with the date. Helen was once told by a graphic artist that there is nothing new under the sun, so keep everything that you have written or designed because it can be used again. Having a file cabinet with past artwork, stories and trivia – allows you to pull small pieces to place into a newsletter, brochure or magazine when there isn’t enough copy to fill the entire piece. Know this, a newspapers motto may be “all the news that is fit to print” but it is really all the news that fits. The ads go in first and the copy is wrapped around the ads. If it doesn’t fit there is white space and this is a bad thing. It means that someone didn’t sell an ad for that space. What usually goes in that space is considered filler, a picture or some sort of trivia that relates back to the story. Using trivia as fill is perfect because people love trivia and it really grabs people’s attention and then makes them relate more to your copy. The other quick filler is the one liner – putting this at the end of your copy will usually draw the reader’s eye down through the article copy.

You may wonder where Helen gets her trivia, she is a great clipper. Every magazine and newspaper she reads she watches for the trivia, one liners and even art – if she sees something that catches her eye she clips it out. She has been doing this for so long she that she has four boxes of “stuff” – one for each of the GuestGuide publications and one for general stuff. One final word ~ always attribute the trivia to its author in italic at the end of the quote.

Helen Masterson * Masterson & Friends Communication * 303.467.9680 *