Our first speaker for this week was Laura Kilty of Shaklee in Golden, Colorado. Her talk today was in two distinct parts – the first being about the science and safety of the Shaklee products. There really is a big difference in nutritional products and it all starts with the core root of the company and with Shaklee it’s called the Shaklee Difference.  It’s about the science and the significant research that is done before a product is ever made and then more research to make sure it actually gets in the body and absorbed.  This research done before a product is made ensures that there will never be a “fad product” or one that you find out later has bad side effects. Often drugs are released onto the market only to be recalled because they are found out later to cause health problems such as kidney and liver damage.
With Shaklee, it’s all about safety – it’s a huge problem.  Recalls just seem to be a way of life.  And you even hear of recalls or news that a certain herb has bad side effects and it’s still being sold.  That will never be a factor with Shaklee. Shaklee runs 350 tests on each new raw ingredient and 100,000 quality tests every year ensure maintain that safety.  Because of this, Shaklee guarantees that what’s on the label is in each and every pill.  Please realize that is not required by the FDA and other companies do not do that.
Science and Safety are not sexy but it’s important to know because you want to spend your money wisely & you want results.
The second part of Laura’s talk today was all about her favorite Shaklee products that she keeps on hand in her own home.
The first is the Vita-Lea – Shaklee’s multivitamin/mineral supplement that never gets much love, but it is the strong foundation to build from.  The Vita-Lea fills in the basics that you’re not getting in your diet.  Did you know that the RDA or Daily values or whatever they change it to is just the minimum?  It’s the level designed to prevent those “deficiency diseases” – like scurvy.  That’s why many people choose to add a bit more to their daily plan.  If you decide not to, the Vita-lea will still do you good.
Laura’s first Shaklee love was Menopause Balance Complex.  She was desperate to find something natural to combat her hot flashes and after spending loads of money on different products from other companies this was the one that did it for her.
Then there is Shaklee’s Stress Relief Complex – oh how Laura loves thee – daily stress can do nasty things to our bodies.  Stress Relief Complex helps to blunt cortisol, the hormone produced during stress that affects long term health.  This complex works within about 20-30 minutes – doesn’t make you drowsy – and isn’t habit forming, so safe to take every day.  Laura has a monkey mind at bedtime and she finds that if she takes a one of these before bed, she’s able to fall asleep more quickly.
The Shaklee B Complex – is your happy vitamin!  The B Complex once again helps us deal with stress more easily too.  But what robs us of B vitamins?  Stress, sugar, alcohol and refined carbs. The one thing about B Vitamins is that they are water soluble and not stored by the body, so they need to be replaced.
Another two Shaklee products that Laura loves is the Nutriferon and Defend and Resist. They both work to boost the immune system, but they work differently.  Nutriferon boost your body’s natural interferon – think of interferon as the conductor of your immune system.  Nutriferon naturally activates your body’s natural “killer cells”.  Defend and Resist is for that very first sign of a cold/flu.  It pumps up your immune system and stops the viruses from duplicating.
The Shaklee Optiflora is a little gem that is the probiotic that you hear so much about in yogurt commercials.  What they don’t tell you is that most of the “good guy” bacteria is killed by your stomach acid.  This is also true of other probiotics in capsules or powders.  You want the good bacteria to get to your intestinal track.  Shaklee’s Optiflora is triple encapsulated to protect it from the stomach acid.  We want an abundance of good bacteria in our gut.  Optiflora is great for helping with all sorts of digestive disorders and it helps with your immune system. Keep in mind that 70% of the body’s immune cells are located in the intestinal track.
The last of the supplements/vitamins that Laura wanted to discuss was OmegaGuard – Shaklee’s fish oil.  The other products Laura has discussed she can really feel the results of taking them. With Omegaguard, at least for her, she don’t feel it when she takes it but she knows how truly important fish oil is for her body. Fish oil is so important for your heart and cholesterol as well as being good for your brain, eyes and joints.  It’s important to make sure your fish oil is pure. Shaklee uses state of the art molecular distillation process that removes lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, dioxins, PCBs and many other contaminants. Also, with this fish oil there will be no fishy burps like you get with other products.
Laura’s final favorite is Basic H2 – the cleaner with a thousand uses.  This super concentrated cleaner can be used in so many ways. Examples are a window cleaner for about a penny a bottle, a degreasing formula for about 22 cents per bottle. Basic H2 is a concentrate – so you aren’t paying to ship someone else’s water.  You can mop floors with it, clean grills, use as a spot treatment on clothes… basically anything that’s safe to clean with water you can use the Basic H2.

To end here is a Dr. Shaklee quote – “Health is the opposite of disease.  Why not do everything in your power to build health?”
If you are looking for better products for your body and your home – give Laura Kilty a call and she can help you make choices to improve your life.
Laura Kilty * Shaklee * 303.420.3359 * kiltyco@aol.com * LauraKilty.myshaklee.com

The second speaker today was Juli Parrott of Table Mountain Travel in Golden, Colorado. Today Juli talked to us about the 10 Reasons Why We Travel.
1. To Get a New Perspective – there is nothing like traveling to help you see things in a different light, the way you do things at home is not the way others do things. The world is filled with differences you can’t imagine until you experience them yourself.
2. To See the World Through New Eyes – sometimes we need to escape our world and visit places that challenge our view. Traveling to a place that changes our perspective of how we see the world can really inspire us in our daily lives.
3. To Gain Appreciation for What You Have – when we travel leaving the comforts of home behind it gives us a renewed vision of what we have at home.
4. To Get Some Distance from Work – it is known the world over that as Americans we have a very hard time leaving our jobs at work, even when on vacation. But leaving work at behind when on vacation is good for your mental and physical health – it’s good for the office too. By leaving work behind and allowing others to perform in your place is good team building and lets others know that you trust them.
5. To Settle Grievances Through a Shared Experience – traveling with family can be a challenge, but it can help us bury the hatchet when visiting a beautiful place together. It can also make it easy to discuss issues when not in the normal environment.
6. To Get Out of Your Comfort Zone – when looking to gain a little independence, traveling can teach us things we didn’t know about ourselves. Travel can help us realize our capabilities while navigating through a foreign city. It allows to learn things about ourselves that we would have never known while staying at home.
7. To Admire Mother Nature – from crystal blue waters to pink sand beaches to lush jungles – the world out there has sights and sounds that can realign our view. Traveling to a beautiful place can remind us on how small we are relation to Mother Nature.
8. To Learn About Other Cultures – each city or country we travel to has its own history and story. If one can find a local tour guide that will show one a world that is completely different from where one comes from.
9. To Strengthen Relationships – having a shared experience while traveling has been known to bring people together. A family trip or a trip with a significant other or a jus girl’s weekend can build lifelong bond.
10. To Unplug – in this day and age of phones, tablets and computer screens, living life through one’s status on Facebook, it is harder than ever to unplug. Traveling allows you to get away from the status’s, emails and social media in general, shut down the phone, unwind and enjoy the view.
When planning you next vacation give Juli Parrott at Table Mountain Travel a call, she knows the ins and outs of the travel world and can create the perfect vacation for you.
Juli Parrott * Table Mountain Travel * 303.277.1580 * juli@tablemountaintravel.com * tablemountiantravel.com