The first speaker today was Laura Kilty with Shaklee in Golden, Colorado. Being the first day of spring, Laura spoke today about spring cleaning of our bodies and homes. As we all know Shaklee has products that will help you with the spring cleaning both inside and out.
Last fall Laura spoke about the Shaklee 7 Day Health Cleanse, she wanted to mention it again as a lot of people like to do a spring cleanse to get rid of the winter toxins and bad foods that we all eat during the holidays. The benefits – it’s a great way to jump start any health goal you are working on. It will reset your taste buds, kick cravings to the curb, enhance your digestion and help with belly bloat. Other effects you may experience are increased focused, clarity and energy in your daily life. This is only 7 days that you are focusing on eating veggies and fruits, along with taking the supplement packets each morning and evening.
These supplement packages contain:
Alfalfa – helps in flushing out toxins to cleanse and detoxify, along with balancing body pH and works  as an anti-inflammatory
Liver DTX – helps cleanse the liver
Optiflora DI – good bacteria for your gut and will help improve digestion
Herb-lax – helps to clean out your intestine without having you run to the bathroom
You are encouraged to drink lots of water, which will also help you clean out your system. All of these supplements are gentle to the system. There is also a Facebook group set up specifically for support during the cleanse. It has great recipes and information for those doing the cleanse. Shaklee starts a new cleanse every Monday, but you can start whenever it works with your life and schedule.
Next Laura moved on to spring cleaning our homes. We should all clean our homes more than twice a year, but if you can Laura’s not judging.
Why should someone consider using non-toxic cleaners? Be aware that most “chemicals” are not tested for safety and there is even less testing for chemicals used together. Less than 10% of chemicals used today have been tested for chronic effects.
By using Shaklee cleaners in your home, you are creating a healthy haven for your body. Your body absorbs these chemicals – through breathing, your skin and even the residue left on your clean dishes.
Who should consider using non-toxic cleaners? Anyone that has a chronic health condition, it will lighten the load on their system, the body has to process those chemicals that get into the air. A family with kids or pets, their systems are smaller and growing. Anyone with asthma or respiratory issues, not breathing in chemicals will improve their quality of life.
Many times when Laura is talking to people about green cleaners they make a face – so Laura will ask “why the face?” It usually turns out that they have tried so called “green” cleaners in the past and either A) they didn’t work or B) they were very expensive or worse yet C) Both. This is not so with Shaklee’s Get Clean line, Dr. Shaklee believed that you should not pay for other people’s water, so all of the cleaners are concentrated and you add your water to the strength you want, and they work.
Laura offers a trial caddy of the cleaners for anyone to try in their home – free for an entire week. This offer has been a great way for Laura to market the cleaning products.
Shaklee reps are having a “Spring into Green Cleaning” on 4/6/19 from 10-11 am at the Coors on Tap Credit Union in Olde Town Arvada, so if you are looking for green cleaners that really work you should stop by and check it out.
To wrap up Laura is looking to connect with people that want to jump start their health goals and also those that are looking into green cleaners and have not looked at Shaklee. If you are in either group or know someone that could benefit from a different approach to their health – give Laura Kilty a call!
Laura Kilty * Shaklee Corporation * 720.480.5361 * *

Today’s second speaker was Denise Wing, owner of Academy National Mortgage in Lakewood, Colorado. Today Denise wanted to talk to us about renovation loans and refinancing.
Per survey by the Harris Poll = More homeowners are opting to stay & renovate
•   73% of surveyed homeowners plan to renovate in 2019, up from 26% in 2018 and plan         to spend $9,000-$25,000 on renovations.
•    Majority of surveyed – Homeowners plan to stay 10+ yrs. or forever.

If you are one of these people that want to stay and renovate Denise has loans available to refinance & get money for renovation or if you want to purchase a fixer upper, like they do on HGTV, and include renovation costs in the loan, she can help with that as well.

Here are some of the options that Denise can work with you on.
Conventional loans = The Homestyle loan for purchase or refinance
·  Primary home, 2nd home or investment property
·  Must be complete within 4 months from closing
·  Improvements must be affixed to property, no personal property financed.
·  Improvement must be completed by a licensed contractor
FHA loans – 203K loan – full or limited available
·  For purchase or refinance
·  Minimum $5000 Max is none for full & $35,000 for limited
·  Must be complete within 6 months from closing
·  Primary home only – 1-4 units
·  No luxury items i.e. pools, hot tubs, spas, room additions, etc.
VA loans
·  Purchase or refinance
·  Minimum $5000 Max $50,000
·  Must be complete within 3 months of closing
·  Can do pool
·  Must be completed by licensed contractor & no relatives allowed for any part of the
If you want to build your own home a Construction to Perm loan is available.
·  Max loan for Conventional $484,350 & $650,000 for VA

•  Remove carpet & replace with hardwood in main living areas with light brown or light         gray stains
·  Paint kitchen cabinets if in good shape & add backsplash – Tuxedo effect is very
popular right now. (Light upper cabinets and dark lowers)
·  Smart thermostat with smart home hub
·  Install a statement ceiling i.e. raised beams or coffered ceilings can add 26-29% more          than expected
·  Install Terrazzo tile – this is hot right now like it was in 1920-1940. Be careful as could        go out of style & is expensive
·  Smart home security system

Bad colors:
* any shade of yellow on exterior -$3408 in value
* red kitchens -$2310 in value – use neutrals & cooler tones
* any shade of brown in dining room -$1684 in value
Good colors:
* Charcoal to jet black front door = +$6271 in value
* Light blue (w/ grey tints) bathrooms = +$2786 in value
* Light taupe (w/pink or peach undertones) in Living room = +$2793 in value.
* Tuxedo kitchens with light upper cabinets & dark navy or black bottom cabinets or the        island the dark color = +$1574 in value.
If you are looking for a mortgage broker who can help you with a refinance for home improvements’ and knows the industry inside and out give Denise Wing a call!
Denise Wing * Academy National Mortgage * 303.987.0622 *

Submitted by Cindi Thordarson – EcoGraphics Printing