Today’s first speaker was Laura Kilty with Shaklee in Golden, Colorado. Today Laura shared the new products that were shared at the annual convention. The first product is the Shaklee Optiflora DI – Digestive Immune, the original formula is still available and still a great product for the use of general digestive support and has demonstrated to help maintain a healthy digestive balance and contain two strains for a total of 500 million bacteria. The original Optiflora is the best option for children. The new Optiflora DI contains four strains totaling 10 million bacterium. The most notable strain is Bifidobacterium lactis HN019, proven in clinical studies to provide both immune function and has been studied for the last 35 years with the research finally being published. Shaklee has worked on the DI formula for five years and it is shown to increase digestion, absorption and increase transit time. Having quicker transit time has been associated with a healthier gut. They have also shown that it survives stomach acid to reach the large intestine and deliver maximum benefit to the gut.
The gut microbiome has become big news lately and it is really is the new health frontier. The gut microbiome is the fancy way and new way to say gut flora – the tens of trillions of micro-organisms in our gut. How our gut functions or doesn’t function can impact us in so many more ways than just our digestion – the health of our gut can even affect our mood. There have been clients that say they just felt happier after starting taking the Optiflora DI. Bottom line is that Optiflora DI is another choice in our gut health arsenal.
The Shaklee Life Shakes also go a makeover. Shaklee increased the protein per shake from 16 to 20 grams. Protein allows you to feel fuller longer. The Life Shakes are still made with Leucine to help build lean muscle and is now made with Stevia as the sweetener – making it sugar free. With added pumpkin and chia seed, it is now made to mix with water rather than milk or soy – so the carbs are lower allowing you to add more fruits and veggies. Shaklee also added a prebiotic consisting of an ancient grain mix of amarnth, buckwheat, millet and quinoa and added digestive enzymes. This product also uses Stevia as the sweetener – as it does not raise your blood sugar. All those additions and the price remains the same at $2.60 per shake.
The Vegan Life Shake has added more plant protein, re-formulated the pea protein for better flavor, kept the Leucine and switched the sugar to Stevia. This shake also has the added pumpkin and chia seeds with the probiotic grain mix and added digestive enzymes, with all this change Shaklee was able to lower the cost by 20%.
Shaklee stills offers a Whey version plus the Build proteins for working out. Shaklee will be creating a Life Shake without the Stevia within the next month.
Another exciting change with Shaklee is the re-branding of the whole nutrition line, giving it a fresh new look. There were two reasons behind this – to make it easier for customers to create a personalized regime and to focus on what customers are looking for when they shop. The new look makes it easy as 1, 2, 3 to creates a personal health plan.
Step 1 – choose your multi and protein, it’s always best to start with a good foundation.
Step 2 – choose your targeted solutions, fish oil (heart), probiotic (gut), mindworks (brain), and nutriferone (immune health).
Step 3 – choose your boost, this would be your letter vitamins. The B Complex is now B Boost, the Sustained Vitamin C is now C Boost. This section also includes Lecithin and Garlic as well.
The new labeling starts with the product benefit as top billing – which makes sense as that’s how most people shop these days, they are looking for Immune Support not Nutriferon.

The new labels are now laid out like this:
Product Benefit, Product Name, Key Health Benefit and then Key Ingredients or Clinical Study.

Shaklee has also been working to help the distributors, by making it easier for them to do business on the go. So, if there is anyone out there that is looking for a new side gig, Laura would love to talk to you to see if Shaklee is a good fit!
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Our second speaker today was Joan Brown, owner of JB Decorating and The Design Coach in Denver, Colorado. Today Joan took her time to discuss The Design Continuum – Design is a Language.
First is Traditional:
This reflects the old European World – the royalty or country life, including antiques or reproductions. Spaces have – heirlooms, tapestries, embellished pillows, old-world patterned area rugs, oil paintings of landscapes and portraits. Interiors are decorated with inlaid wood, hand-painted finishes, carved fireplaces, ornate frames, crown molding, fringes and tassels, needlepoint or monograms. Lots of accessories with luxurious feel and will never be skimpy. To decorate in this style, one really needs to like gold, crystals, curves legs and lots of frills.
Second is Transitional:
This style combines the old-world with contemporary furniture with clean lines. Antique artwork in gilded frames next to a clean-lined, midcentury style sofa or an abstract painting next to a carved legged writing desk. Rugs should be solid or have a geometric. Transitional spaces are comfortable with fringed pillows in updated fabrics. The space can be a miscellaneous blend of all the things you like.
Third we look at Contemporary:
This space should be modern but not purely so. Lines and furniture are more relaxed with comfort being important. Chenille or a modern print with the color accent mainly on the walls, pillows and accessories.
Lastly, we look at Modern:
This style works with clean lines that features metal finishes, sleek surfaces and zero excess. Chrome, leather, glass, stone and highly finished wood. Furniture may look more sculptural and less comfortable. Interiors tend to be neutrals or just black and white, with wall color shade of white or grayish white. Color is reserved for the artwork – either neutral or bold but always in abstract. Area rugs should be solid and sleek. The light fixtures are more sculptural than functional, with bare or just simple blinds for coverings.
If you need an interior designer that will work within your framework and your lifestyle give Joan Brown a call!
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