Our first speaker today was Laura Kilty with Shaklee Corporation in Golden, Colorado. Laura is just back from the Global Convention and had a lot good information for us. The was a bit of talk about the sad state of people’s health in the United States and the money spent versus the health outcomes. Health care = Sick care and Shaklee is working to change sick care to well care.
They gave a sneak peek at the Landmark II study that will be published in the fall (10 years after the original Landmark study) this one was proctored by Tufts University. The study showed that people using Shaklee products – in the 60+ age range 83% used less medications, the 40-59 age range used 89% less and the 20-39 age range used 97% less medications. The Shaklee users had better health markers in Omega 3, B-12 and Vitamin D with lower health markers that signal bad health like CRP, Triglycerides, blood glucose and low Omega 3, which is a new risk factor for cardiovascular health.
Shaklee is also introducing a new simple point of entry for new members – called the Prove It Challenge. Thirty days to radically change how you feel or your money back. It starts with the 7 Days Cleanse, from there you move to taking the Vitalizer and Life Shake daily. This program includes free membership, free 7 Day Cleanse and free shipping. The Vitalizer and Life Shake are the core of the Landmark study and Shaklee’s two top selling products. Current members can purchase the Prove It Challenge kit until August 31st, 2019 with all the freebies. This simple entry point will also help current distributors grow, it is a tendency for people to not get into action until one knows more. People get bogged down in thinking that one needs to learn the science, the ingredients, what one will get out of and not get out of Shaklee, before sharing it. Starting with the Prove It Challenge one focuses on one thing – not sharing the science or ingredients – it’s simply to test out the products and move forward from there.
Mel Robbins spoke – this was her last speaking event before the start of her new television show – she is a very powerful speaker and spoke about her 5 Second Rule. This is teaching people to get from thinking to doing. People use this process to change how they feel and has been used by people with intense anxiety and even children. Using the 5 Second Rule is basically taking a bad thought – for example the fear of flying and enter a positive anchor thought “I will enjoy seeing my family/friends” that makes you excited. It is really a mindset reset. The speech was very powerful and hard to express what a wonderful speaker Mel Robbins is.
They also heard from Shaklee scientists on the levels that they go through to get the clean ingredients. Laura learned that for the Greens Booster product, which uses organic kale, spinach and broccoli, when locating an organic grower, they spent 18 months studying the soil maps, it’s not just how it’s grown but the type of soil the produce is grown in. There are many organic farmers out there that are growing produce in soil that contains heavy metals. It is wonderful that this company goes to such lengths for its consumers.
Shaklee is now offering Loyalty Rewards for those that order directly from Shaklee, to help members stay consistent with their health, the program members earn points with each order that are banked for the purchase of future products. Shaklee is also instituting a new shipping policy, again for those that order directly from Shaklee – under 150.00 is a flat 8.00 and orders over 150.00 is free.
Laura is offering a 25.00 referral bonus for anyone that we refer to her that orders the Prove It Challenge.
If you are looking for a new direction in your health journey, give Laura Kilty a call and she will be happy to work with you on your goals and needs!
Laura Kilty * Shaklee Corporation * 303.420.3359 * kiltyco@aol.com * LauraKilty.MyShaklee.com

Our second speaker was Susan O’Kelley, owner of Avanti Services in Golden, Colorado. Susan spoke today about the difference between California, Nevada and Colorado in Risk Analysis. In each state there are different environmental risk that are assessed in your area.
Home risks in each state:
California – #1 Earthquake #2 Fire #3 Flood (in southern California) Keep in mind that Earthquake insurance is in addition to a normal homeowner policy and runs about 1800.00 a year, with a minimum of a 30,000.00 deductible and does not cover personal property.
Nevada – Flood and that is minimal – however their auto policies tend to be higher because of out of state/country drivers – they have a lot of accidents in and around Reno and Las Vegas.
Colorado – #1 Hail (Front Range) #2 Tornado (Eastern Plains) # Fire (Mountain Areas) as well as several flood plains along the Front Range – once again National Flood Insurance is available at a average cost of 1800.00 a year as a rider on your insurance policy.

Auto insurance risk assessment has many deciding factors in the rates offered by an agent. These factors are driving history, tickets, accidents, age, do you have a garage, length of drive to work, zip code, home ownership and marital status. It is also based on the national averages for men, women and age groups. Examples women drive and average of 13,000 miles a year and men average 16,000. Age groups differs as well, 16-24 average 18,000 miles per year, 24-55 average 19,000 and 55 and over drops down to 4,700 mile a year.
There are many factors involved in insurance, if you need an agent that will explain it to you and help you to understand it all – give Susan O’Kelley and her team a call!
Susan O’Kelley * Avanti Services * 303.278.2278 * info@myavantiservices.com * myavantiservices.com