We had another spotlight speaker today – Laura Kilty, with Shaklee. Laura became involve with Shaklee over 5 years ago due to health concerns that were not being resolved with health products off the shelf. She was introduced to Shaklee through a friend and found that the products were incredibly effective.

Shaklee has been in business since 1959 and has been on the green band wagon ever since. They have a Climatic Neutral Certification and are carbon neutral – leaving no footprint. Shaklee has built their products on science, they have never had a product recalled. The Shaklee Basic H cleaner has been totally green since 1960 and is used in such environments as Jacques Cousteau’s Ocean adventures because it is biodegradable. It has also been used in the Biosphere and many underwater habitats for the same reason. The White House and Vice President’s resident are now using all of the Shaklee cleaning products in an effort to become more environmentally friendly.

The Shaklee supplements and vitamins are product tested extensively and are among the safest products offered on the store shelves. They have over 90 clinical studies in many medical journals on the products they have developed over the many years in the manufacture of Shaklee vitamins and supplements. The FDA tests many of the supplements and vitamins on store shelves and have found that over 320  have some level of lead in them – such as Flintstones. Also in the FDA testing it had been shown that such items like Ginseng has either no ginseng and others have to much. This does not happen with Shaklee products as they are so vigorously tested that every tablet or liquid has the same dosage every time. No Shaklee products has any genetically modified organisms – all of the ingredients are organic and certified.  

Laura went over a few of the products Shaklee offer,  starting with the “Vitalizer”  packets. These vitamins are offered in packs designed specifically for men, women and age, these packs contain folic acid, b and c complex and probiotic for a perfect balance of absorption. The next product Shaklee offers is “Vivix”, a cellular anti-aging supplement, this product has been developed to slow down the aging clock. The main ingredient in resveratol, the ingredient in red wine that has been touted as age fighting, a 30 day supply of “Vivix” has the equivalent of 3000 glasses of wine. Shaklee also offers a weight loss meal replacement called “Cinch”, which offers a variety of flavors and with protein and leucine to help you maintain muscle and loss inches.

The last Shaklee product Laura talked about was the “Get Clean Starter Pack” which includes all of the cleaning products from laundry to kitchen and includes the “Get Clean Caddy” which has all the dispensers you will need to make you home a clean and green home. The products come in scented and unscented versions for those who have sensitivity to smells.

Laura Kilty  * Shaklee Products  * 303-420-3359