Today’s first speaker was Laura Kilty with Shaklee in Golden, Colorado. Laura just got back from attending the Science Symposium and learned about all things sciency.
Shaklee has been involved in a landmark study, started in 2007 and done by the UC Berkley School of Public Health.  This study worked to compared health of those that took no supplements, those that took brand X and those that had taken Shaklee supplements for 20 years or more.  In every category, the Shaklee folks had markedly better health proven in blood test results.  This makes Shaklee the only company in the world with actual clinical proof.
In 2016- blood was drawn from many of those that participated in the 2007 study.  This is being called Landmark 2.  Results are still being analyzed but one thing they shared with us regarding Omega 3 status.  Most American’s Omega 3 level is 1/2 of what it should be.  We could cut heart disease by 80% if above this level is around 8% and those Shaklee participants came out at 8.5%.
Organic has become the big buzz word lately.  We need to remember that it’s a means of production, how the product is grown. The data shows that organic ingredients are usually cleaner but still often contaminated.  The most contaminated green tea that Shaklee ever tested was organically grown, the farmer didn’t realize the water he was using was contaminated.  Shaklee’s primary concern:  authentic, safe and clean ingredients.  Shaklee calls it “Beyond Organic” because of the incredible testing that is the Shaklee standard and focuses on what comes on NOT on what is put in.
So don’t be fooled by “organic” on a supplement.

Living Younger Longer – LYL
Today’s healthcare focuses on the wrong thing – the disease is the wrong focus.  Of course, we need to treat it once we have something but realize that most times we don’t suddenly wake up with diabetes, cancer, or any other number of diseases.  It’s been something that’s been happening in your body for a long time.  It’s damage to your cells – every day – over time that can lead to poor health.
It’s pollutants, poor nutrition, stress, bugs and viruses that wear on your immune system and creates an environment that makes you susceptible to disease.
Our body has innate mechanisms to protect and rebuild (we don’t have to think about it) BUT those mechanisms only work well if you’re well nourished.  That’s where wise supplementation with Shaklee comes in.

Shaklee introduced a revamped sports nutrition line called Shaklee Performance.
Before it was just 3 products – energy chew, hydration, and protein for after workout. Now – line for fitness and a line for endurance athletes.

Endurance – marathon runners, soccer players, long distance cycling.
Energy chews – Hydrate+ – Build+ and a new product Recover.

Fitness– spinning, strength training, yoga, zumba, cross training.
Fitness is a light version of the Endurance products.  Fewer calories & carbs.  Energy – Hydrate – Build & Recover.

Recover – optimizes recovery & reduces post workout muscle soreness, it contains Tart Cherry extract & ingredients from Shaklee’s Pain Relief Complex. Take 2 before bed and this will help your muscles recover faster.

Also coming soon is Shaklee Fit – this is a program for gym owners and personal trainers to offer Shaklee products to their clients.  The packet includes displays, automatic product shipments and literature.  Basically, it’s a business in a box.

Here’s who I’m looking to connect with – of course people who are interested in fueling their workouts, but also personal trainers and small gym owners.

As well as people who want to live younger longer and start taking control of their health.

If you are looking to attain better health or fitness recovery give Laura Kilty a call and she will help you decide what changes you might want to make to help you live younger longer!
Laura Kilty * Shaklee * 303.420.3359 * *

Our second speaker was Susan O’Kelley of Avanti Services in Golden, Colorado. Avanti Services is your insurance concierge company. Susan works with many different insurance companies to find the perfect fit for you and your circumstances. I have worked with Susan on my personal insurance and she found me a better policy for both home and auto with better coverage. Susan also spent a lot of time working with me for my Home Owner’s Association and after going through many companies we ended up right back where we were. I found out that many companies are no longer covering HOAs and if you allow your home owners to have barbeques on the decks – it is next to impossible! If you are looking to switch your insurance or need to insure a new boat, rv, home, rental property or business give Susan O’Kelley and her team at Avanti Services a call. They will take the time to find the perfect fit for you!
Susan O’Kelley * Avanti Services * 303.278.2278 * *