Our speaker today was Laura Kilty of Shaklee in Arvada, Colorado. Today Laura wanted to talk to us about the Shaklee 180 program and how it can help you take your shape in a whole new direction!

Big launch January 1st…….Based on the success of Cinch but with some great tweaks.

We know that being overweight is associated with our top 4 health challenges…heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer so Shaklee has decided to meet that challenge and really say, good health starts with a healthy weight.  Not skinny but healthy.

*With most diets you lose muscle mass – about 40 % of weight loss is muscle on a typical diet…which in turn lowers your ability to burn calories.  Each lb of muscle burns 50 calories.  On a typical diet you lose fat AND muscle….when you go off that diet your body is actually burning less calories because of the muscle you’ve lost so you actually need to eat less calories just to maintain that weight.  And most of us don’t so we gain the weight back…and more.

*Shaklee 180 based on science…not fad.  Science tells us that leucine helps the body retain and build muscle.  In Shaklee 180, you’ll find the right balance of leucine, and protein which helps you keep the muscle you want, lose the inches and pounds you don’t want.

*In clinical study, all participants lost weight…which you would expect but the amazing part was that they retained their lean muscle mass and lost only fat.  This keeps the body burning calories at the highest level.

*180 is a meal replacement program.  You replace 2 meals with a Smoothee or meal-in-a-bar.  Then you eat a “sensible” dinner.  You can replace any 2 meals.  You take a Metabolic Boost with each meal.  There is also Shaklee 180 snack bars, energy tea, & snack crisps.

Some changes in Shaklee 180 vs Cinch.  The Smoothees now have less sugar, it went from 16 grams to 10 grams of a Stevia and natural cane sugar mix.  Shaklee also changed the fiber to a soluable/insoluable blend.  The Metabolic Boost now only contains ingredients to keep blood sugar stable and to boost metabolism….vitamins/minerals have been removed.  All other products have remained the same….just new packaging.

Most diet plans may help you lose the weight but that’s where it stops.  There really isn’t the help in the maintenance piece. Cinch was the same but with Shaklee 180 you can go from “before to after….to happily ever after-after” –  90 days to lose the weight and 90 days to learn to keep it off.

There are 2 kits…..The Turnaround Kit and the Lean and Healthy Kit.  The Turnaround kit is for the weight loss portion.  You receive enough Smoothees and meal bars to replace 2 meals a day.  You get a box of energizing tea,, Metabolic Boost  and a box of snack bars.  This is not an expensive program….each meal costs less than $3.

The Lean and Healthy Kit is designed to create a leaner, healthy you.  This is for the weight management part.  The kit contains Smoothee mix for one Smoothee a day plus Shaklee’s Vitalizer.  That’s the daily strip of over 80 nutrients.

Both kits come with amazing tools for free…..There is an online tracker for food & activity.  You can also post your progress.  You get online workout based on high intensity interval training.  You can also enter for weekly prizes and healthy competitions…next years convention & 180 day grand prize….trip to Paris, with $ for shopping and a makeover and fashion shoot.

And the best part is Shaklee has implemented “Find 3, get yours free”.  If you find 3 people who do what you’re doing, your next month’s order is free.  For both kits.  So technically, all you would ever have to pay for is the first month.

We share Shaklee 180 at Turnaround Partys and they’re so much fun.  We sample the products and watch a dvd.  We hear from scientist about how it works, we get to hear from Jacqui McCoy from Extreme Makeover, weight loss edition.  About how she lost 200 lbs on the show but was gaining it back.  She’s now using Shaklee 180 and losing weight again…the right kind of weight.  She says “this time it feels different”.  We also hear from Harley Pasternack. He is an A-list celebrity trainer.  He actually uses Shaklee 180 personally and recommends it.

If you’d like to host a Turnaround Party yourself or be invited to one, please give Laura Kilty of Shaklee a call!!

Laura Kilty * Shaklee * 303.420.3559 * Kiltyco@aol.com