Our first speaker today was Ann Allen from Home Instead Senior Care in Arvada, Colorado. Ann wanted to talk to us today about the services that her company provides and not only to seniors, they have also taken care of veterans, quadriplegics, handicapped adults down to the age of 18. Their specialty is seniors but if you know someone who is trying to keep an adult at home with some independence give her a call. Her caregivers can provide relief for those that are caring for a senior and simply need someone to come in and provide care while they go out and play a round of golf or even just the time it takes to get a haircut. While they are in the house they can take care of multiple items for the spouse or child that is caring for the sick or infirmed parent or spouse. Ann had a client that had her mother move into her home and the mother needed round the clock care. Ann suggested that while they were in the house that they could do some light housekeeping and prepare dinner, so that when the family came home they didn’t have to stress about a meal or if the toilet was scrubbed and instead focus on their time with each other and her mother. This is how they can be creative with their time in your home, the caregivers will not be spending their entire time caring for your loved one and can not only keep them company but as well they can take care of you. However they do draw some lines – such as cleaning three teenager’s bedrooms, they need to learn to do that themselves! But they will help with sorting through photographs and putting them in albums, changing linens, taking out the garbage and even assist with pet care. This business has been a true learning experience for Ann as they will be embarking on their 14th year of business in August. For Ann working with seniors has been a wonderful experience, they cannot believe the wealth of knowledge and experiences that her clients have! Ann also shared with us that the caregivers monthly Friday lunch at the office is becoming popular with their clients as well. When the caregiver is with a client they bring the client with them and at the last lunch they had two women that had actually been childhood friends and had not seen each other in many years, they carried on like schoolchildren! Another of their clients who came had become a recluse and with the help of her caregiver had discovered that she was an artist, so to get her out of the house they displayed her paintings and told her she had to come. She did and will be back, she had a wonderful time showing off her art as well as connecting with other people. They have had some really awesome experiences with their clients and these experiences drive Ann to provide the best quality care for her clients in this time of their lives that can become very difficult and in some cases frustrating! She spokes for a moment about her caregivers, stating firstly that they hire caregivers with a heart and not someone who just wants a job. Her caregivers are asked to do some very difficult tasks for their clients and do so without complaint. If you need a caregiver with a heart and someone who will really provide top notch service give Ann Allen at Home Instead Senior Care a call!!

Ann Allen * Home Instead Senior Care * 303.463.1900 * aallen@denhisc.com * www.homeinstead.com

Our second speaker today was Helen Masterson of Masterson and Friends Communications as well as Guest Guide Publications. She was stunned this year to realize that she and her daughter had been operating Guest Guide Publications for going on 17 years. Guest Guide Publications came into existence because of Helen’s daughter Suzie was working in the movie industry as a second camera assistant which was not a real reliable income and she was offered the Guest Guide Publication as a means of support. Shortly after taking over that the woman who ran the Grand County Menu Guide was moving to Oregon and offered her business to Suzie who decided it would be a good investment to go along with the Guest Guide. Then her hollywood career came to a halt when Suzie injured her shoulder – being a second camera assistant means that you have to hold the camera up to the cameraman and the injury kind of got in the way of that. So Suzie, not being one to sit around and eat Bon-Bons, wrote a book “The Hiking Guide to Grand County”, which is a coffee table book that along with stunning photography gives detailed descriptions of the trails, with everything from length to whether or not you can bring your dog. This book brought Suzie to the city of Winter Parks Chamber of Commerce – because as many of you know Winter Park is the mountain bike capital of Grand County. Suzie was asked to produce the Grand County Mountain Bike Guide and that of ‘course led to the Moab Guest Guide. Then when InterWest started running Winter Park Ski Area, Helen thought it would be a grand idea to develop the Re-Location Guide, because with the influx of money to Grand County many people were going to be moving up there.  Helen was a little off on that prediction and so now that publication is called The Resource Guide – in the latest Guide they put in an insert that had the current water laws which in Colorado are quite serious, it is said “whiskey is for drinking and water is for shooting”. Then last summer, when they are usually on hiatus, a friend of Helen’s asked her “Do you know anything about printing?” Helen foolishly said “Yes, why?”  The friend wanted to do a brochure on the stained glass windows at St. John’s Cathedral, as and Cindi knows initially it was going to be a 32 page book, it quickly grew to a 156 page coffee table book. All of the pictures were taken by Helen’s daughter Suzie. Also last summer Suzie worked at a camp and a lot of the other employees lived and worked around Estes Park and they commented to Suzie that she should do a restaurant guide for Estes. Helen brought out copies of this years new Estes Park Restaurant Guide. The woman who had run the Vacationland  in Estes Park decided to retire and ask if Suzie wanted to buy her business – so now they are doing that as well. This latest issue of Vacationland to 5 months to produce – why you ask – well they have been involved in Estes Park for many years, but to create the magazine that they wanted they really had to become part of the community. That is so important when putting together a publication like this – Helen thought she knew Estes Park, but they ran into little problems like Longs Peak, for reasons nobody know there is no apostrophe where we all think there should be one. They do that all over Colorado such as with Sloans Lake and Marys Lake, no one knows why! Another issue that Helen ran into was the difference between hiking and climbing, in Winter Park you hike up the mountain, this is when you walk on a trail and your feet are on the ground even when the trail goes straight up.  In Estes Park they run a famous climbing school where they teach you to climb the mountain where your feet may not be touching the ground. So she had to be clear that you could hike up Deer Mountain but don’t even think about trying to hike up Longs Peak. She made sure to explain this in the Longs Peak section of Vacationland and let everyone know that it takes 8 hours to climb the Peak. If you plan on doing this you might want to think about setting off around 3 am because around noon the wind will start to blow and has been known to blow people off the Peak. However, that part was taken out of Vacationland at the request of the National Park Service. Helen spent a lot of time getting to know the people of Estes Park and was able to attend the 100th anniversary of the Estes Park Women’s Club, these ladies over the last hundred years have raised money for everything from creating the hiking trail up Deer Mountain to a watering machine to reduce the dust on the unpaved streets and now raise money for scholarships, conservation efforts and a variety of educational programs in Estes Park. They have a very rich history in their town! Recently Helen was talking to Ginger about being up in Estes Park and Ginger commented on her recent trip up and complained that they couldn’t find any parking. So the next time Helen went to Estes Park she looked around for parking and saw one little sign for parking. Included in this issue, because of that conversation, there is an insert that shows all the places to park, so a big thank you to Ginger for that! The one thing that Estes Park does right that Winter Park doesn’t is plan their events out for almost the entire year and have included all of the dates.  So you can plan way in advance for an event and make the most out of your trip. One of the great marketing efforts is grouping Estes Park with Rocky Mountain National Park – as many of us know there are two entrances to the Park, one in Grand Lake and the one In Estes Park. Estes Park made it their mission to offer informational lectures about the Park and offer deals for those going to Rocky Mountain National Park. Another mission of Helen’s was to turn the Vacationland Guide into a visitor’s guide and not something just for the locals. She noticed that a lot of the information that was in the old guide was directed mainly at people that live in Estes Park and not to those people who were visiting. When designing this issue they worked very hard to create a guide to Estes Park that would draw in people from the surrounding areas. I would like to end with a quote “Know the importance of spending time with people, there is no substitute for communicating with people because you have to trust one another.”

Helen Masterson * Masterson and Friends Communications/Guest Guide Publications * 303.467.9680 * helen@guestguidepublications.com