Our first speaker today was Ann Allen of Home Instead Senior Care in Arvada, CO. Ann and her husband have operated their Home Instead office for 15 years and have loved every minute of it. Ann wanted to discuss “The Ring Theory of Kvetching”, the way people talk about a crisis. Ann found an article about this and found that she was breaking these rules in her own life. She once had a friend who found out they had melanoma and proceeded to talk about two other people she knew that had melanoma and had passed away. Even as the words were coming out of her mouth, she knew it was not the right way to handle the situation. We have all been in a situation where a friend or family is in the middle of a crisis and may not have handled the situation correctly. The Ring Theory can help you master dealing with friends or family in a crisis situation. The theory is for you to draw a dot on a piece of paper – this is the person in crisis – whether it be medical, financial or legal. You then draw a circle around that – this represents those closest to the person in crisis (ie. spouse and children), then draw another circle around that and in this circle is close friends and extended family. With every widening circle the more distant the relationship to the person in crisis. This is the Kvetching Order, the rules are that the person in the center can say anything at any time and any place. They are allowed to complain, whine, moan and curse the heavens, perhaps the only payoff of being in the center of the circle. The next circle is also allowed to complain and moan but only to those in their circle or further out, this rule applies to each of the circles. Comfort in – Dump out, when you are involved with a friend or family member in crisis you can dump your feelings but only to those in the circles out from you and when you are talking to someone closer to the center you should do more listening than talking. Complaining to someone in a smaller circle than you does not help either of you. Try to be supportive and listen, more often than not they need to talk without you trying to help or complain to them. Many people know this but it is hard to not complain to those close to the center of the circle. Most of would never complain to a person in crisis about how rotten and unfair life is, but the Ring Theory merely makes it more concrete. Just remember not to dump in and you will help the person in crisis more than you will ever know. If you need someone to help a senior in your life that will comfort in give Ann Allen and Home Instead Senior Care a call!

Ann Allen * Home Instead Senior Care * 303-463-1900 * aallen@denverhisc.com * www.homestead.com         

Today’s second speaker for us was Cindi Thordarson with EcoGraphics Printing in Lakewood, CO. Cindi spoke today first about their dedication in working with Childrens Hospital Colorado and the Holiday Card Project. The Holiday Card Project is a program that raises money for the cancer and blood disorders chapter of the hospital. They have a Christmas in July party where the patients design cards with snowmen, Christmas trees, winter scenes and elfs. Then in August there is another party at which the cards are judged and sponsors chose a card to sponsor. The sponsors pay for the cost of printing and packaging their particular card, the Childrens Hospital Colorado has a website where people can go to and order cards in packages of 12 and if they want a custom greeting printed on the inside they can request a quote. EcoGraphics Printing has been working with Childrens Hospital Colorado for 15 years on this program and they all love working together to make the program a success for the hospital. Cindi explains that some years are harder than others – those years when they have lost an artist while the program is going on can be very sad and hard for all. EcoGraphics Printing also donates not only time but money into this project and truly believe it is a very worthwhile program to be involved with.

The next topic Cindi wanted to quickly cover was the Eco portion of their name. Scott started EcoGraphics Printing in 1989 when many of the paper companies were moving toward producing a wide variety of recycled sheets, and he built the foundation of his company on that premise. They use water miscible cleaning products and the ink they have been using since the beginning is soy oil based product that is produced locally. They strive daily to make a dirty industry clean. They recycle the paper that is not printed perfect – to recycling ink, boxes and other items from the new digital side of the operation. Cindi came into the eco printing world through a brief stint in the printing world in California, where they have been eco conscious long before the rest of the world. She experienced acrylic based inks (that were very difficult to work with) and all of the practices that Scott started in his company. When Cindi started working for Scott in 1997 she was already aware of the practices that were in place and it made it an easy fit. They have both worked hard to maintain the Eco part of their name. If you are looking for a local printer that cares for the environment and the community give Cindi Thordarson at EcoGraphics Printing a call!

Cindi Thordarson * EcoGraphics Printing * 303-238-7791 * cindi@ecographicsprinting.com * www.ecographicsprinting.com