Our first speaker today was Ann Allen of Home Instead Senior Care in Denver, CO. Today Ann wanted to discuss with us the Signs of Aging in our elder relatives and what to watch for.

  1. When visiting look in the refrigerator, freezer and drawers. Has food spoiled because mom is losing mobility and her access to the grocery store?
  2. Look over a current grocery list – has your loved one’s declining health prompted her or him to purchase more of the convenience or processed foods and neglected their proper nutrition? Watch for extremes in weight loss or gain.
  3. Take a look at the top of furniture and countertops is there dust and dirt around that may be a signal the some household duties are becoming to much for you parents?
  4. Look up at the fans and ceilings – has the inability to lift their arms or climb a step stools prevented them cleaning soot and grime from high places? Caution your senior loved ones not climb.
  5. Look down as well at floors and hallways – have shaky hands spilled drinks or food that has soiled the vinyl, wood, carpet and hallways. Are there frayed carpets, throw rugs, objects and furniture creating trip hazards? Do bad knees put your loved one at risk on cracked side walks or broken stair rails?
  6. When visiting check under sofas and beds – is your senior having difficulty organizing old newspapers, books or magazines that could create a fire hazard? Also watch for hoarding behaviors – refusal to throw things away or buying and saving things that are not necessary.
  7. Look through the mail – are the bills being paid and important correspondence being answered, this could be a sign of dementia.
  8. Watch the areas below bathroom and kitchen sinks – is poor eyesight making it difficult to read medication labels and to properly store cleaning materials? Is he or she forgetting to refill medications and take them on schedule? Check refill dates and count the number of pills – this should give you a good idea on what is going on.
  9. Observe your loved ones appearance – is their clothing dirty or unkempt, and is your senior neglecting personal hygiene?
  10. Look to your loved one’s neighbors and other close friends to find out their daily routine. Are they at home more, watching television and avoiding stimulating conversation or companionship? Isolation is a senior’s worst enemy and should be watched out for!

If you have an elderly loved one that you are worried about give Ann Allen a call and she can help you in managing their care while staying in their own home.

Ann Allen * Home Instead Senior Care * 303-463-1900 * aallen@denverhisc.com * www.home instead.com

“We can help you at home”

Our second speaker today was Leailia Bartleson of Mrs. Bee’s Baskets in Golden, Colorado. This year is her 14thyear in business and she plans on making it her best! Today Leailia wanted to discuss with us the two upcoming events that are perfect basket giving days. The first is Easter, on April 24ththis year and keep in mind the Easter baskets are not just for children anymore. When Leailia first started in the basket business she determined that her baskets would not be like the ones she had been given in the past – all tape and fillers. A couple of examples she showed us – the first was for an adult with a collectable Bearington Bear, candles, chocolate eggs and different varieties of Easter candy. A simple gift for an adult is a sectioned metal tray with four different varieties of Easter candy that can be used after Easter for storing items on your desk. If you are looking for a basket for an older daughter – a pedicure basket is the perfect fit. This basket has a pedicure kit with socks, a journal book, pumice stone and candles – no food. If a basket isn’t your style Lealia can build a foot scrub bucket – a metal bucket filled with all those items you will need for a foot treatment day with a complete foot scrub kit and towels. If you are looking for a basket for a child, Leailia can build you a basket that isn’t filled with candy but includes Benjamin Bunny, a book, crayons, and other items that include a bunny theme, and yes, that can include a chocolate bunny! Another option is a frog basket – with a stuffed frog, frog eggs and then a variety of healthy treats. The next special day in April is Professional Administrative Assistant Day which is April 27th, this used to be secretary day but now includes anyone who helps you get the job done. This is Leailia’s second largest sales day every year. The baskets that Leailia has created for this have been ice cream dishes and a variety of toppings and a gift certificate for a local ice cream shop or a popcorn bucket with popcorn, a dvd and movie tickets. These are just a couple ideas that she has created for clients – Leailia can take any idea and budget to create the perfect basket for those that keep your business on track. The last thing that Leailia mentioned to us was about Silent Auctions – this is also the season of spring functions such as the Taste of Applewood. The silent auctions that go along with events like this are perfect for getting your name out there with a gift basket. Leailia can create a basket that will get top dollar such as a picnic basket with a flannel blanket, champagne glasses, snacks and everything for the perfect romantic picnic. Keep Leailia and Mrs. Bee’s Baskets in mind for Easter, Professional Administrative Assistants Day or that upcoming silent auction and let her create the basket perfect for you!

Leailia Bartleson * Mrs. Bee’s Baskets * 303-278-6433 * info@mrsbeesbaskets.com * www.mrsbeesbaskets.com

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