Today our first speaker was Ann Allen from Home Instead Senior Care in Denver, Colorado. Ann wanted to talk to us today about “The 40-70 Rule” to help us understand how to deal with tough topics about our aging parents. The 40-70 rule is based on the idea that if you are 40 you most likely have a parent that is 70 and it time to start thinking about their independence and lifestyle. Ann gave us seven tips to help communicate with your parents. 1) Getting Started – the best starting point is observing and gathering information in their own home. Do not jump to conclusions from one single observation or action, but watch and keep an open mind. 2) Talk About Your Observations – discuss with your parent(s) what you have observed and ask them what they think is going on. If they acknowledge the issue, then discuss solutions and if they don’t, give them concrete examples – offer support and options. 3) Sooner is Better – talk sooner rather than later when a crisis has occurred. If you are aware that a loved one has poor eyesight or trouble driving at night – address this issue before a problem arises. 4) Do Not Use Baby Talk – always remember you are talking to an adult – not a child. Do not talk down or use patronizing speech – it will make your parent defensive and convey a lack of respect for them. 5) Maximize Independence – always try to move to solutions that will provide the maximum amount of independence for your parent. Find answers that will optimize the strengths and compensate for any limitations. 6) Be Aware of the Whole Situation – if there is a death in the family and your mom’s house is suddenly in disarray; it is probably not because she is ill or suddenly suffering dementia. More likely it may be a lack of social support and interaction – accompanied by the loss of a close family member. 7) Ask For Help – many of the issues of aging can be solved by providing the independence that you parents have been used to and to maintain the lifestyle that they are used to.

The resources that are offered by Home Instead Senior Care can help you and your parents deal with the issues that may arise. Home Instead offers a full service non-medical in home care giving that will give your aging parents their independence back. They can also provide you with peace of mind when you are living in a different part of the country and can not be there for your parent and their daily needs. If you have reached the point in life when your parents need a little extra help maintaining their independence and are not ready to leave their home – Home Instead Senior Care can offer the perfect solution for you. Ann Allen and Home Instead Senior Care can give you the option that is right for you and your parent!

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Today our second speaker was Cindi Thordarson from Ecographics Printing in Lakewood, Colorado – today though Cindi was speaking as Connect Club’s blogger. The members of the Connect board wanted to have Cindi speak about the importance of having a blog to drive traffic to our members and member’s websites.  When you start a blog that is attached to your website you are driving more people to you site and compels you to share your knowledge with your clients. The Connect Club website allows those of our members that don’t have websites to reach their current clients and potential clients through the Internet. I work to provide the information that you provide with my perspective and sometimes a little research, if you want to make sure that I am blogging exactly about the information you need to get out to the public please give me notes with specific information. In the past, if I didn’t understand everything you were speaking about I have had to search for the information to fill in the blanks, although I don’t mind doing this it does take me longer to post the blog. I am here to make sure that happens and want to make sure that not only do I get your name out there but as well I want to get your information out there in the manner that you want to share it.

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