Our first speaker today was Karen Lee of Karen Lee Massage Center in Golden, Colorado. Karen asked us to look at our place setting for a pencil because today she was going to walk us through a couple of simple stress reducers in Reflexology. Using the erasure on the pencil she directed us to push at points on our face and ears. These points are specifically pinpointed to reduce stress in our bodies. This stress management mode of healing treatment is focused on specific conditions. When the symptoms are eliminated, or, managed the treatment is considered complete. Reflexology is applied in this manner, that when symptoms of stress are present a reflexologist will work only the specific corresponding parts of the feet, hands, or ears to alleviate the symptoms. When the symptom is alleviated reflexology could be discontinued. This might be considered a quick application of reflexology, and is appropriate in some circumstances where a more long-term approach is not needed. Examples of this approach are providing immediate short-term benefit for someone suffering from a headache or in an emergency such as assisting a person to recover from a faint. Reflexologists approach the use of reflexology in different manner, along with other natural therapies like acupuncture and acupressure, the use of reflexology to support the body in its own healing process, to help strengthen the body and to be able to draw upon it’s own recuperative resources to heal itself. It is currently illegal for a reflexologist to diagnose, prescribe and treat for specific conditions – this is currently restricted to licensed health care practitioners like medical doctors and naturopathic physicians. Therefore reflexologists find themselves, along with chiropractors and other natural therapies in the practice of supporting the body in the process of healing itself. A reflexologist works to strengthen each and every part of the body, including all those parts in which symptoms are not manifesting. Often it is the healthy parts of the body that provide the resources for healing those which are ailing. The reflexologist, is providing through stimulation of all the reflex areas in the feet/hands/ears, to reduce stress and tension to create a space in the patient’s body for healing to take place. Of course, if a reflex area seems to need more attention than others then it is appropriate for the reflexologist to provide additional attention for that reflex area. It would also be appropriate in areas of marked sensitivity, or, the reflexologists suspicion that the corresponding part of the body might be related to the recipient’s loss of health. When medicine intervenes in the healing process and takes over by chemically manipulating the body, the body’s resources are often superseded or blocked and can slow down healing time. Clearly, a healing process that strengthens the body is preferred over one that weakens it. When looking into natural therapies for your body you should spend some time with Karen Lee and let her work out your aches and pains.

Karen Lee * Karen Lee Massage Center * 720.859.7309


Our second speaker today was Anna Kay Roche, CPA in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. Anna spoke to us today about the fallacy about homeownership. When she is working with a young couple on their taxes and they both seem eager to purchase a house – Anna will generally council against it. As odd as that sounds her reasoning made sense, most people buy homes for the tax breaks – the problem that she most often sees is a young couple that purchases a 150,000 dollar house and are expecting a large refund. Because the standard deduction is 11,000 for a married couple and they may get back 6000.000 on the taxes on the home and with deducting the interest on their loan it is not worth it for them to itemize their taxes. So unless it is an investment in your future and you are planning on moving up to a bigger home and aren’t relying on it for tax purposes. So the best scenario in tax planning is a bigger house and an older couple with a higher income – this will help cover the taxes. Anna pointed out that if you are going to pay a 1200.00 house payment and all of the other responsibilities that are involved with that versus a 1200.00 rent payment and no responsibilities, which is the better move for you and your lifestyle. The other thing that Anna wanted to remind us about is that you should already be thinking ahead and planning for your 2011 taxes. The one item she wanted to cover was medical payments – you have to reach a level of 7% of your income in medical payments to deduct any thing from your taxes. If you are planning a major surgery or dental work try to pay it all off in one year to take advantage of this tax break. To use it to the full advantage you must keep excellent records including mileage (medical mileage is at .12 cents a mile) driving to and from the doctor’s office and hospital. None of us want to pay more than our fair share – if you need a CPA that will take all of your information and get you the best possible return (or minimum payment) give Anna Kay Roche a call!!

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