Today our first speaker was Genie Reynolds of Magic Genie Realty & Property Management. Genie wanted to take her time today to thank us all for our friendship and support. Reminding us that not only does our group support each others business, we also support each other as friends. Please keep Genie in mind when looking for your perfect dream home or if you need a person to manage a current rental. She will take good care of you and your needs!

 Genie Reynolds * Magic Genie Realty & Property Management * 303.942.1320 * *


Today our second speaker was Cindi Thordarson from Ecographics Printing in Lakewood, Colorado. The topic Cindi wanted to discuss with us today was our business cards – over the last couple months Cindi has become involved in a lead group in Castle Rock called Coffee Queens. The first thing that she noticed in this group is that many of the members are purchasing their business cards from vista print an online printing company that offers free business cards. Cindi had a couple samples of these cards that Cindi pointed out are very easy to pick out – the artwork although varied from card to card looked very similar. Also when she passed them around one could feel how thin the card stock is. Cindi said this is 65# cover the thinnest of all the card stocks and the cheapest – if you are passing out business cards you want to create an impression with your card thus handing out a cheap thin card does create an impression. Not a good one. Cindi then started passing around business cards that they have done at Ecographics Printing. She started with what used to be the industry standard, which was 80# cover – many people still use this especially if they want a linen or laid stock. These are very easy to come by and with the linen stock it has a nice feel and look. Over the last 5 years people have been looking for a thicker and heavier card and 110# cover has now become the most common stock that Ecographics Printing uses. Cindi passed around many samples of cards that they have printed on this type of stock. Now over the last year and a half the gloss stocks have come back to the forefront starting with the 12 pt coated cover which has a matte back for writing on. The next set of cards Cindi sent around were on 14 pt coated cover, this is a very thick rigid stock that is coated on both sides which makes it hard to write on the back. These cards definitely create an impression! Keep in mind that many times the only  thing that a potential client is getting from you is that little piece of paper – you want it to create an image of you and your business. If you want to create an impression give Cindi at Ecographics Printing a call to create the business card that is dynamic as you!

Cindi Thordarson * Ecographics Printing * 303.238-7791 * *