Our first speaker today was Chala Mohr of Coldwell Banker in Denver, Colorado. Chala started off her talk today telling us about how she got into the real estate field starting at the age of 17 years old when she bought her first property. She worked with a local realtor and moved to Coldwell Banker two years ago. Chala really enjoys working with Coldwell Banker – the training and teaching that they offer is more than she could have done on her own or with a one person show.
Chala went on to talk about what she does and how she works with clients. She works with both buyers and sellers. First time home buyers are her favorite clients because they are excited and really enjoy the process. She will also consult with her clients on whether they are ready to go or if they just started the process. Chala will also come into your home and consult with you on what improvements you can do to get the most bang for your buck when you are selling. She will also talk to you about the possibility about rental properties, Chala loves rentals, or rather she loves the potential for the passive income that a rental provides.
Chala also wanted to give us a update on the current market conditions as we still have a very low inventory of houses and it remains a sellers’ market. Many houses on the market are sold within 24 hours. Some people will bid 5000.00 over list price just to get a home under contract, this is can cause problems when getting an appraisal and something that Chala does not recommend. Where are all these new buyers coming from, well all over. Chala points out that Denver is the largest city for 600 miles that offers a wonderful quality of life. We are also experiencing the influx of people in the energy industry. The Rocky Mountain region has a 4.9%, according the Denver Business Journal and that is 25% below the national average. The last theory is that with the legalization of marijuana has also had an impact of the influx of people coming here.
There are several areas that are the hot spots for homes and these are the Rino District – or River North – this area includes the neighborhoods close to the ballpark, Curtis Park and 5 Points. This area is developing with a lot of new and up and coming restaurants. It is also considered one of the hip new downtown neighborhoods. The other areas are Sloans Lake, West Colfax, Edgewater, and The Highlands. These areas are creating districts with restaurants, art areas such as West 40 Arts in Lakewood. Another thing that Chala is watching is the developing Light Rail system and how this is changing the neighborhoods around each of the stations. The West Line that goes out to toward Golden has already increased property values and improved neighborhoods. The Gold Line to Arvada and the Airport Line are both scheduled to be completed in 2016 and along with that she expects the same thing to happen along those lines.
If you are looking to buy or sell in the Denver area give Chala Mohr of Coldwell Banker a call, she will work with you to find your perfect dream home.
Chala Mohr * Coldwell Banker * 720.341.9001 * chala.mohr@coloradohomes.com * www.realestatewithchala.com

Today’s second speaker was Cindi Thordarson from EcoGraphics Printing in Lakewood, Colorado. Cindi took her time today to discuss the variety of jobs that they can do at EcoGraphics Printing. Her first project was a brochure for a local non-profit that was super hero based and folded from 8.5 x 11 to 3.75 x 4.25, as it unfolds it tells the story of how the services that they provide can help the community. The next project was another brochure for a local hair salon and spa that is an 8.5 x 14 that is folded in what is called a roll fold were it folds in on itself to 3.5 x 8.5. Cindi’s next project was a document holder for a local car dealership – this project actually includes many steps to get to the final project. It starts out as an 11 x 17 sized piece of paper, once printed they send it off to a local letter press company to be die cut and glued into an envelope. Cindi, then, showed us the die that is used to create the envelope, it is an 11 x 17 piece of plywood that has blades in the shape of the envelope and two blunt bars to score for the folding parts of the envelope – such as the flap. This plate is mounted onto a letterpress where each sheet is picked up and squished in between a metal pale and the die. After this process the sheets are put into an envelope maker which folds and glues each envelope into its final size in this case the envelope 9 x 5.5. The next item Cindi showed us was a manual in a three ring binder for another local non-profit. In this manual they had several different sections that are separated by tabs to identify each section. Cindi went on to explain that all parts of this manual were created specifically for this program and they had to actually print the tabs and have them die cut as well. Then they collate all the parts and pieces and put them in the binder. In this case they only had to do 200 of them. The last items that Cindi brought with her were just a few samples of business cards that they have printed over the couple months – such variety everything from catering company to the Jefferson County Fairgrounds, all of these were designed and printed by the staff at EcoGraphics Printing. If you need high quality personalized printing with exceptional customer service give Cindi at EcoGraphics Printing a call!
Cindi Thordarson * EcoGraphics Printing * 303.238.7791 * cindi@ecographicsprinting.com * www.ecographicsprinting.com