Our first speaker today was Chala Mohr with Coldwell Banker in Denver, Colorado. Chala has been working since the age of 15 starting out as an office administrator for nine years. During that time she was trying to find a way to become an entrepreneur, this is when she started buying rental properties. This year has become a challenge for Chala as she is working full time and trying to plan her wedding this summer. She has been struggling with the work/life balance and she found and author that gave her some ideas on how to balance out her life. The first of these is to be Awake at Work or to be present in the moment – when she first started in real estate she worked in the future, this past year she has found a way to work in the moment which has helped her a great deal. The second item that was discussed was Be Authentic – this has been her biggest challenge because of her age, it is hard for some people to take her seriously. Next idea is Cultivate Kindness – in the real estate industry this is not an easy thing to do but Chala is working hard to do it. The next principle is Work is a Mess – this idea is to train yourself to do something unorthodox each day so that when the unexpected happens you are able to roll with it. Using these principles Chala has found a way to balance her crazy life.

Chala also wanted to discuss the current real estate in the Metro area. For homes in the 100,000-300,000 dollars it is a seller’s market and the latest trend is to put the house on the market for up to 10,000 dollars below market value. This strategy develops a multiple offer situation to drive up the price and create a bidding war. So Chala will work to make your offer the one that stands with a couple techniques she has learned over the last year. Such as having you write a letter to the seller to let the seller know who you are and why you want to buy their house, tugging at the sellers heart strings a bit. Another idea is to offer more earnest money such as 2% rather than the standard 1% and working with loan options that will make your offer more attractive to the seller. One other item that Chala has used is to place a clause in your contract that states that you will pay 500.00 over the highest offer to get the home. So if you are in the market to buy your first home or your retirement home give Chala Mohr at Coldwell Banker a call.

Chala Mohr * Coldwell Banker * 720-341-9001 * chala.mohr@coloradohomes.com * www.realestatewithchala.com

Today’s second speaker was Leailia Bartleson of Your Personal Assistant Service in Golden, Colorado. Leailia took her time today to discuss the different types of clutterers and what you can do to unclutter your life.

  1. Overwhelmed – Being overwhelmed with to many things and having no idea how to organize them to make them easily accessible and functional. For example – having a home business that sends you samples of products and catalogs.

To help with this visualize the prefect working environment and then organize it fit that scenario. This is usually the step were Leailia is called in to help. Most people just cannot see beyond the clutter to even start cleaning up.

  1. The Behind the Doors Clutterer – This type of clutterer’s home or office looks pristine but the closets and rooms that aren’t seen by visitors are packed full of things. In this situation the clutterer may not even know what is in these spaces and when cleaning out these spaces can be overwhelming.

Leailia suggests that if you are in this situation – instead of trying to conquer the whole room or space take it in small sections and with stuff that is less emotional for you so it is easier to make the decision to throw away. Getting started is the hardest part, once you get past the first part it will get easier. You can also enlist a friend to help or call Leailia and stick to 15 minutes increments as to not become overwhelmed.

  1. The Knowledge Clutterer – Is your space filled with books and magazines? Do you feel that if you have that how to book you will have the knowledge to take on anything? Remember that most ‘how to’ instructions are now available online.

Taking care of this type of clutter is pretty simple – such as when you get a new one throw one out or donate it to a library. Keep only the last 3 editions of magazines give the rest to a doctor’s office or hospital after removing the mailing label. If there are articles or recipes you want from those magazines, cut out the item and file them appropriately or scan the article and save it on your computer.

  1. The Techie Clutterer – Do you keep every cord, USB drives, charger or remotes for technology that you no longer own? Get rid of the boxes that they came 30 days after purchase. Then as you update your gadgets donate or recycle them. Women’s Shelters love getting used cell phones for their clients. Label all of the wires and cable so you know what they go to and if you no longer have that item get rid of the cable. Use clear bins to store them well labeled so you don’t have to dig through every bin looking for that extra charger.
  2. The Sentimental Clutterer – This type of clutterer holds on to everything because of sentiment. When you treat the real treasures with honor and respect, it becomes easier to let the rest go. So start s family history wall with pictures, shadow boxes or a shelf with special items on it and let the rest go.
  3. The Bargain Shopper/Coupon Clutterer – This type of clutterer purchases large quantities of things to save money. Try to buy these items carefully – can you really use all of the item before it goes bad and do you have room for it? To limit these types of purchases plan to shop for only the things that you will be using right away and then have 1 shelf where you keep these purchases and when it is full do not buy anymore. Keep in mind that most of these “bargains” are not really bargains when you break it down by how much you actually use.

Leailia also gave us a list of donation options:

Baby Clothes: Loved Twice (lovedtwice.org) – They accept gently used baby clothes 0-12 months and then provide needy mothers a years worth of clothing throughout the US.

Desk Supplies: TerraCycle (terracycle.net) – This company recycles old pens, highlighters, three binders and the like into flower pots and plastic lumber.

Linens: Give blankets and old towels to your local animal shelters.

Mobile Phones: Hope Phones (hopephones.org) – Your old phones are repaired and activated and given to healthcare workers in 14 developing nations like Africa, Asia and Latin America so that they can text each other regarding patients and treatments.

Music and Media: Tunes 4 the Troops (tunes4thetroops.com) – This company connects you with a unit in Kuwait, Afghanistan or Africa so you can send your working devices or media to the troops.

Sports Equipment: Pitch in for Baseball (pitchinforbaseball.org) – They accept bats, balls and glove to distribute to kids in impoverished communities throughout the world.

Zaarly.com – Here you can find someone who wants a specific item or you can submit a list of salable items and the website will notify you when someone is interested in what you are offering.

So if you are looking to de-clutter your home or just have an area that needs to be cleaned up, give Leailia Bartleson and Your Personal Assistant Service a call and she can help you figure out you next move!!

Leailia Bartleson * Your Personal Assistant Service * 303-257-5953 * info@YourPersonalAssistantService.com * www.YourPersonalAssistantService.com