Todays speakers included Genie Reynolds from Magic Genie Realty ; a realtor and property manager out of Lakewood, Colorado. She spoke about property management and how she works as a property manager here in Colorado.  Here are some of the things she becomes responsible for when she is hired:

~  She pulls public information about the property she knows exactly the sizes and details of the property

~ She learns everything she can about the property through the public information and the owner taking detailed notes

~ She takes good pictures of each part of the property so potential tenants can see it

~ She learns every switch, fan and electrical thing about the property so she can explain it to the tenants and work on them if something is broken

~ She uses a property worksheet to ask lots of questions and make her self familiar with the wants and needs of her clients with their property

~ She screens potential clients make sure they will be a good fit for the place

~ She collects the rent from the tenants and deals with some of the financial parts

Congratulations to Genie for also becoming a certified staging professional!

Genie Reynolds

Magic Genie Realty


The other speaker today was our travel agent,  Juli Parrott,  CTC, D.S. out of Lakewood, Colorado. Today she spoke about some of the changes the airlines are making and the new charges for checked bags.  Here are some of the details she provided:

~ Continental Airlines – $25 fee for a second checked ba

~ United Airlines – $15 fee for the 1st checked bag and $25 for the 2nd on domestic flights each way

~  American Airlines – $15 fee for the 1st checked bag and $25 for the 2nd on domestic flights each way

~ As of now Southwest Airlines is not charging for checked bags

Juli can make travel arrangements for anywhere in the world including rental car and activities if needed.  She can even do the arrangements using frequent flyer points and other accumulated points.

Juli Parrott

Table Mountain Travel