Our first speaker today was Genie Reynolds of Magic Genie Realty and Property Management in Lakewood, CO. Genie spoke to us today about Craigslist and the potential fraud that happens there. Genie, herself, just had an experience with one of her rental properties. The reason anyone found out about this scam was that the renter after sending her deposit and first months rent couldn’t get the keys and contacted the real homeowner for the keys. The scammer had researched the property and homeowners to a point where he had convinced the potential renter with pictures and information he had gotten off the Internet. For the full blog about Genie’s story go to her website www.magicgenierealty.com and get all of the information on how this crime was perpetrated. She reminds us that the information out on the Internet about us and our lives can be used to commit crime, the information in this case was gleaned through public records – so just a reminder to keep an eye on your information. Other information that Genie talked about on the property management side of her business is some of the rental items that come up on properties. Number one is if you have a trampoline on the existing property or if your renter installs a trampoline – get it removed, a trampoline can be dangerous and will raise your insurance rates on the property. Insurance companies will and can cancel your insurance because of the trampoline on your property or just raise your rates – the liability of having a trampoline in your yard can raise what is classified as a “dangerous condition” with the insurance company. Secondly – Pets in foreclosure or rental properties, first you must determine that a pet has been abandoned such as the lease has expired and there is no evidence that they are still living there or your have legally evicted the renter. Keep in mind that the reasons for abandoning the pet may vary – either the animal is sick and the care may to expensive or just the standard care may be to expensive for the owners. For these reasons it is best to call animal control to file a report and request that they remove the abandoned animal or the alternative would be for you to take the pet to a local animal shelter, while neither is a happy ending for the pet it is better for them to be in an atmosphere that they will be cared for. Although you will need to follow the laws in your area for notifying the pet’s owners – some agencies require that you post a notice on the residence stating where the animal was taken to and other areas may require a notice sent to the last known address – just follow the laws in your area to make sure there are no repercussions to you or your property. The last item Genie spoke to us about was about high vacancy rates and potential renters. If you have a rental property keep these in mind for “red flags” on potential renters. Number 1 – Offering to pay cash, Number 2 – Negotiating  before seeing the property, Number 3 – Wants to pay the deposit in installments, Number 4 – Will have the funds “just as soon as the tax return come in… the insurance settlement is paid… or next payday”, Number 5 – Has not been at any one job for at least a year, Number 6 – Wants to barter – rent for repairs or remodeling, Number 7 – “Forgets” to fill out the application in fully – not remembering previous addresses or phone numbers, and Number 8 – If the information on their drivers license, car registration and/or are not the current address given. Following these simple guideline will help you rent with some confidence that you have a reliable renter. I f you don’t want to deal with the complications of renting out your home – Genie Reynolds with Magic Genie Realty and Property Management knows all the ins and outs of renting out your proeprty and will deal with all of the headaches.

Genie Reynolds * Magic Genie Realty & Property Management * wwwmagicgenierealty.com * 303.881.1912

The second speaker of the day was Ruthie Williams of Mary Kay Cosemetics in Golden, Colorado.  Ruthie began her talk to day speaking of our recent gloomy days and how the act of brightening your lipstick can brighten up your day. The overcast days are hard on us Coloradoans – and if we have more than 2 in a row, we all tend to get a little cranky and down. Ruthie offered a way to help lift our spirits during these cloudy days – experiment with your make up – choose colors brighter than you normally would, to lift your mood, also one other thing you should keep in mind – as we get older you should lighten and brighten your colors – it will not only help how you see yourself, but how others see you! Mary Kay is going through and changing up their lines again and Ruthie wanted to let us know which colors were going to be discontinued in June so if any of these colors are your favorites get a hold of your Mary Kay representative and order ahead so you can have some on hand. The Eye, Cheek and Lip Color Phase outs are Dusty Lilac, Golden Olive, Navy Blue, Raisin, Steel, Sweet Pink, Vintage Gold, and Pink Petals (Minerals Cheek Color). The lipsticks that will be phased out are Garnet Frost, Golden, Paradise Pink, Pink Melon, Rich Cocoa, Sunburst and Tanned. Keep in mind that Mary Kay will be introducing 10 new Mineral Eye Colors, one Mineral Cheek Color, 11 new Lipstick shades – keeping up with the current trends and low sales with certain items require the changes, but Mary Kay has always worked to keep their clientele happy. Ruthie is happy to work with you,  any item that you are not happy with she will exchange to get you a product that you will ultimately will love! For all of your skin care needs contact Ruthie Williams of MaryKay Cosmetics.

Ruthie Williams * Mary Kay Cosmetics * www.marykay.com/ruthiewilliams * 303.278.3520