Our only speaker today was Chala Mohr of Coldwell Banker in Denver, CO. Today was Chala’s first opportunity to introduce herself to us and she took that time to explain how she got into real estate. Chala is a Colorado Native and now lives in West Denver with her fiancé and 2 dogs. Growing up she always had an independent streak that drove her to start her working life at 15 years old, she worked as a secretary in a chiropractic office in Denver. Then when she was 17 she watched her grandparents turn an bad situation of eminent domain into a very profitable one for themselves. They purchase 4 homes on the Western Slope – turning 3 of them into rentals and living in one. Chala watched this with great interest and became interested in real estate. At 21 she bought her first home a condo in Denver and was working at Star Center working with people with sensory issues. Also at this time after dealing with several issues with the HOA and her beagle she realized that she need a single family home. At the time the real estate market wasn’t doing very well and so she turned her condo into her first rental property. Chala’s grandparents were then looking to move to the Denver area and wanted to transfer their rental properties to this side of the mountains, this was when Chala met Genie Reynolds of Magic Genie Real Estate and Property Management. Chala and Genie worked together to help her grandparents move their rentals over. Chala found that she really loved working in the real estate field and a year and a half ago she got her license and worked with Genie on the property management side of her operation. She burned out on the property management and dealing with property owners and renters, at that point left Magic Genie and started the new phase of her life as a realtor. Her move to Coldwell Banker 3 months ago required a lot of research for Chala as she looked into what the different larger real estate companies had to offer she found that Coldwell Banker fit her standards the best. Chala then shared with us some of the reasons she choose to work with Coldwell Banker and why we should too. When choosing a company a larger agency has a larger marketing ability and a national advertising campaign. When you list with Coldwell Banker, they offer featured ads in Colorado Homes and Lifestyles along with a 30 second produced commercial on Channel 2 that show on Sunday mornings. They also have high quality professional photography for print ads, the internet, property brochures, mobile brochures, e-cards and enhanced listing on realtor.com. Chala followed this up with how to choose an agent. First and foremost make sure that you are hiring a Realtor not a Real Estate Agent. A realtor has more training, education and a higher level of an ethics. Secondly, the agent should make you feel comfortable and be able to meet your needs in the search for your new home. Make sure the realtor has strong negotiating skills and has a strong support staff behind them. Also see if your realtor can offer you additional perks in the sale and/or purchase such as a home warranty. These are a few of the things you should look for when choosing a real estate company to work with. Chala went on to a short discussion about the current market and you can still get some good deals – however the market is changing rapidly. The average sale price now is 350,000 dollars, and what does that money get you around town – well in Arvada it will get a 4 bed/4 bath with 2500 square feet, in Wheat Ridge it is a 4 bed/3 bath and 3000 square feet, in Denver not much a 2bed/2bath and only 1800 square feet, in Lakewood that will get 4 bed/3 bath and 3000 square feet and lastly in Littleton it will afford 4/bed/3 bath and 3382 square feet. If you are looking for a realtor that has experience with the market in Colorado and cares about her clients give Chala Mohr at Coldwell Banker!

Chala Mohr * Coldwell Banker * 720-341-9001 * chala.mohr@coloradohomes.com *www.realestatewithchala.com