The first speaker was Joan Bridgette with N2 Publishing in Arvada, Colorado. Joan has a special offer for her Westwoods Living publication for small businesses – a business card size ad for only 70.00 a month with a 12-month contract. Her other options for ads in the publication, with a 36-month contract are, a half page ad in black ink for 250.00 a month and a full-page color ad for 1200.0 a month. Joan wants to offer the smaller businesses in her area a better option for their advertising dollar.
Joan’s second topic today was about gratitude – having gone through a hard period last year, she is finding happiness and peace this year through gratitude. There are those times in life when we all have gotten stuck in the moment and it is hard to reach out and find gratitude. As well – gratitude takes practice and bringing into perspective what we have already makes us happy.
Joan gave the nine ways to bring gratitude into our lives.
1. Tell someone – share with one person a day when you are grateful for them by giving some genuine thanks. This will help redirect your brain when you’re frustrated by redirecting the negative thoughts toward something positive.
2. Keep a gratitude jar – make a small note of what you’re thankful for and place it in the jar and read it when the year’s through.
3. Say it out loud – whether it’s something specific or just being grateful for today, by saying it out loud that can generate a deeper felling of thanks.
4. Travel – travel can often put your life into context and it doesn’t have to be a far-away place.
5. Help someone – call that someone that you know who is having a hard time or that friend who might need a ride or volunteer with a group that you believe in.
6. Celebrate – don’t be afraid to call attention to those things that make you feel blessed.
7. Notice the small things – there are times in life that can be hard. During these times it helps by counting those small items that you see around you.
8. Get off the screen – step out into the real world and find something new to do – learn to dance, walk a dog, enjoy the feeling of sun on your face, the simple things are sometimes the best.
9. Keep a gratitude journal – something you can pick up and read through to find those past moments of gratitude.
Following these simple steps will allow you to bring more happiness into your life.
Joan Bridgette * N2 Publishing * 303.886.5313 * *

The second speaker today was Ruthie Williams with Stampin’ Up! in Golden, Colorado. Today, Ruthie showed us a few of the cards she made for her two March Classes with Stampin’ Up!
Her technique class that she held at the beginning of the month had two techniques actually.

The first one is called the “Bridge Card Technique”.  She passed around a sample, so we could better see it. It really turned out cute and Ruthie loves the stamp set and designer paper she used is called Cake Soiree.   The best part of this card for being so unique is that it still fits in a regular A2 envelope!  The card has the “Bridge” across the front as you pull it open.  However, if you don’t know who you are sending this to, when you make it, it would be hard to write on the inside later… so… Ruthie decided to attach the inside with removable double-sided tape so you can take it out, sign it or write a special message and then when you put it back it, that is when you use permanent adhesive.

The second card planned for the class, was playing with the New “Brusho” watercolor powders.  OMGosh, Ruthie loves these new options!  The watercolor powders are amazing and sooooo much fun to play with and see the variety of different results!  No two colors are alike and create such a different effect!  When working with normal watercolor as it dries, it gets lighter… That is not so with the Brusho color from Stampin’ Up!.  These colors are so vibrant!  It is a very, very fine powder and does not take much at all.  Stampin’ Up! Sells it in a box of five colors – Prussian Blue, Brilliant Red, Yellow, Gamboge (orange), and Moss Green.  Ruthie has taken a small square of watercolor paper with each color on it and attached it to the box so she can see what the colors look like. She gave the ladies 5 different samples that Ruthie had made up that they could choose to make two!  (So, we really made 3 cards this class instead of 2.)  Ruthie showed us the cards that she offered to the class to give them ideas of what they would like to make.  Plus, she also showed these other cards that were made up in advance.  All the ladies chose these 2 cards to make.
There were 2 ways they could use the Brusho for class this month…
Step 1 – Is to sprinkle the Brusho onto Watercolor paper or Stampin’ Up!’s Shimmery White Cardstock in whatever way you choose and then spritz it with a little or more or a lot of water!  The results are AMAZING! This is the stamped images are added and then add embossing powder and heat.  Then add the Brusho and water to the embossed area.  Where the embossed images are the Brusho and water are resisted, hence, called Emboss Resist.  Then the paper is set aside to dry.
Step 2 -Is to emboss an image and using a brush to pick up water and wet the area you want, then pick up some Brusho with your brush and add to the area you have added the water to.  Selective coloring with Brusho.

The second-class Ruthie had in March was a Kit class.  She had ordered and made up the cards in the kit… and Ruthie very rarely does a class with the pictures/instructions. But, for this particular kit, she just couldn’t see covering up the lovely art work the way the instructions said.  So, she made them HER way. As the Ladies that come to her classes say, there is the Instruction way or Ruthie’s Way.  But that is what I love about stamping. You can either copy CASE (Copy And Share Everything) or you can use the supplies and create your own!  So, the kit was a Birthday kit.  It has dividers for each month and numbers for each day, so you can write who has a birthday on that day to remind you when you need to send out birthday cards.  The kit includes everything to make 16 cards except the adhesive and the embellishments that Ruthie chose to use. Ruthie passed around the picture of how the kit says to make the cards and the 4 cards that she created. Please keep them together and compare hers with the picture to see the slight changes Ruthie made to make them her own. When the ladies saw what Ruthie from the kit they all requested that she hold a class for the kit.  Each one purchased the kit in advance and then she held class the end of March, on the 25th.
If you are looking for a creative outlet and need a little guidance call Ruthie Williams with -Stampin’ Up! and create your own greeting cards for that personal touch!
Ruthie Williams * Stampin’ Up! * 303-278-3520 * *