Today’s first speaker was Joan Bridgett of N2 Publishing and Westwoods Living Magazine. Today, Joan spoke to us about Relationship versus Transactional Marketing – “Build the Relationship and the Transaction will follow”. Relationship marketing focuses on the long-term customer engagement as opposed to the short-term goal of an individual sale. The overall intent in relationship marketing is forging a solid customer connection to a product or service that will continue in ongoing business that will gain you free word of mouth advertising and reliable feedback when these clients generate leads.
The intent of relationship marketing is to develop long term relationships with your clients that will secure sales well into the future. Relationship marketing is an investment in future long-term sales.
Transactional marketing refers to the single objective of making the sale with no long-term expectations, such as offering a special deal to a large group of people to get clients through the door. This form of marketing is a one-time event and is intended to get large numbers of sales immediately with no expectation of future contact. The perfect example of transactional marketing is QVC shopping channel, where you have the pitch, then the clock ticking on the screen for the client to get the great deal. Those manufacturers are not about building client relationships – they are about selling as many items as possible in the shortest amount of time. Transactional marketing concentrates on the single “point of sale” transaction, with creating the efficiency of the individual sale and not developing a relationship with the buyer. It is based on the traditional FOUR P’s of marketing:
• Product – the product was created to meet clients demands
• Pricing – establishing the price that balances profitability for the manufacturer and   affordability to the client
• Placement – having an efficient distribution change
• Promotion – visibility and appeal to the client
When you are selling a product or service, it is tempting to create the resources to marketing tactics that will create immediate results and profit. As a business owner, one might want to keep in mind that acquiring a client can cost your company five times more than retaining your current cliental – it makes it obvious that there is a larger payoff in long term cliental.

Joan then went through five relationship marketing strategies:
1. Networking – this is the first step in your relationship marketing, it is to simply get involved with your community.
2. Introductions – word of mouth advertising from your current clients that bring introductions to new clients.
3. Client Events – hosting events and bringing your clients together can not only help to introduce you to new people, it will also allow your clients to network with each other. A simple client appreciation breakfast or bar-b-que can go a long way to forging long term relationships.
4. High-Quality Websites – your website is an extension of you and your brand, make sure that your website is up to date and has a professional appearance.
5. Client Communication – this is most important; the best companies will email or call their cliental 63 times a year.
If you are looking to create a new marketing program take a look at Joan Bridgett and N2 Publishing for the 2018 year.
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The second speaker today was Joan Brown of JB Decorating and The Design Coach in Denver, Colorado. Joan spoke to us today about the benefits of window coverings or how to “Go Green”. Putting up window coverings in your home can add insulation at the windows to reduce your heating costs as well as moderating the summer sun to help keep your home cool. Another benefit to adding window coverings is to control the natural light in your room that will help with energy costs. In the average home the R-Value in your walls is R-19 versus the standard double pane windows with a value of R-2. The R-Value is the measure of resistance to heat flow. By adding window coverings, you can increase the R-Value, depending on the type of covering, up to 7.86. The covering that is a top rated for energy efficiency is the Hunter Douglas Duette Architella Honeycomb Shade, they have a wide variety of colors to create your perfect space. In the Hunter Douglas line, depending on your budget, you can increase your energy efficiency by 3.95 R-Value with the Pirouette Shade to the Silhouette which can improve the R-Value to 4.09. If you are looking for a different shade the Hunter Douglas Vignette Roman Shades will bring the R-Value up to 4.53. The second highest in R-Value is the Duette Honeycomb shade that will improve that number to 6.49. Any of these shades will improve your energy use and reduce the cost of your energy bills both in the summer and winter.
Joan has been selling the Hunter Douglas line of window coverings for many years and has found that not only the products, but the company is outstanding to work with. All Hunter Douglas products have a lifetime warranty and are replaced without question. The only item that has a replacement cost is the strings and that is at a minimal cost. Joan has a Hunter Douglas trained installer that she works with on all of her projects to guarantee the perfect fit.
During the past couple years, the window covering industry has had a revolution in the raising and lowing of the shades. This evolution began with the pull cords when it was found that the standard strings could be a hazard to young children and even pets. The pull cord stays the same length when raising and lowering to keep the cord from harming anyone. The next innovation was the continuous cord, this is on a loop and is never loose, you just keep pulling until the shade is at the level you want and to lower it you just pull the cord the other way. The latest and greatest is the power shades – these shades can be operated by an app on your phone. This is the best for energy control in your home as you can program them to go up and down with the weather as well as remotely activate the shade if the weather changes while you are away.
If you are looking for a new look for your home give Joan Brown and JB Decorating a call.
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