Our spotlight speaker today was Helen Masterson, of Masterson & Friends Communications, from Arvada Colorado. Helen has been in public relations for many years and spoke to us today about “How to give a speech and not be misquoted”, in all likely hood I will misquote Helen here, but let’s move on. The first item that Helen mentioned was to have a hand out with your main points on it so your audience can follow you. Next get your audience’s attention – don’t jump into the important information – open with a simple fact on your topic or a human interest story. Stay away from jokes unless you have the timing down. It takes a few minutes for your audience to focus on you and what you are saying. This is directly opposite than putting something down in writing. In writing the most important information should be the first thing you introduce. Once you have the attention of your audience, give a specific idea or a solution, something that will be helpful to them. All people want to hear about solutions. But you can’t give a successful talk unless you know your audience. In understanding your audience and/or customers, you will probably discover that their needs and expectations differ from yours. Offer solutions – Helen offered an example of one of our members Dottie Johnson, our massage therapist. Dottie had become the massage therapist for Morningstar Adult Living Center and her clientele is older and when one mentioned getting a massage they thought of the “massage parlors” of their era. Dottie had to educate her clientele to real massage therapy. She offered information and solutions to her older audience there by building a clientele among the residents there. So, Helen offers here – Forget the Golden Rule. Your audience and customers do not want to be treated “as you would like to be treated.” The new Golden Rule. “Do Unto You Customers As They Would Like To Be Treated.” Build any speech or talk around that – then you will give them what they want to hear. Helen then offered us items to incorporate into our businesses. Always practice the art of listening – keep your radar up hear those problems you are able to address. Always practice the art of asking questions – to get the heart of your clients issues. Always practice the art of asking for advise – someone could give you advise for improving your product or your message. If you practice these points in everyday business, you can incorporate this information into your speech or seminars. By giving people solutions, you should be able to give the a call to action – to do something – that benefits your business. Here is the most important advice that Helen gave to us ~ Never speak for more more than 20 minutes, length is NO substitute for substance. And lastly ~ Wisdom has two parts: Having a lot to say ~ and not saying it! If you need some words of wisdom, give Helen Masterson of Masterson & Friends Communications as call and she will work with you to get your audience’s attention!

Helen Masterson * Masterson & Friends Communication * 303.467.9680 * batmasterson@earthlink.net

Since Helen didn’t take up the full 30 minutes, Ruthie Williams, of Mary Kay Cosmetics spoke about a few of the new items that they are offering in the new catalog. A few of these items are the new Tropical Colors in lips  and cheek glazes – the new colors in the Limited Collection Mary Kay Lip Nectar’s are Mango ~ an orange, Passion Fruit ~ a deep purple pink and Coconut ~ a sandy bronze. Ruthie passed around samples of the Passion Fruit and Mango. Her next item were the Limited Collection Mary Kay Cheek Glazes ~ which come in two colors ~ Pomegranate ~ a very bright red and Tangerine ~ a very bright orange, Ruthie mentioned that though they look very bright in the contain they are translucent when applied and just give a shimmer of the color. Ruthie’s last item was the Limited Collection Mary Kay Cream Highlighter ~ which is a sheer formula that you apply where ever you want a touch of light.  Let Ruthie help you with your spring look!

Ruthie Williams * Mary Kay Cosmetics * 303.278.3520 * www.marykay.com/ruthiewilliams