Genie Reynolds, of Magic Genie Realty & Property Management, was our first speaker today – she spoke about what it takes to be a property manager and why you don’t want to be one! Genie, then proceeded to explain the variety of issues the she deals with in being a property manager.

1.  Repairs – when a tenant has a repair issue they call the property manager and it is the property manager’s job to make sure the repairs are made in a timely manner – communicating with the tenant as to when and how the repairs will be made.  

2. Finding companies that can do repair work in a reasonable time frame – such as Genie had a sewer line repair that needed to be done quickly and she had to locate a sewer company that could respond fast.

3. Genie received a phone call on Thanksgiving Day by a people who wanted to see a property and she did the only logical thing and went out to the property.

 4.  A tenant who wouldn’t return phone calls – the previous property manager wasn’t doing their job and the tenant didn’t think they needed to keep in contact.  

5. A tenant decided that having pets wasn’t a big deal after moving into a property managed by Magic Genie Realty, Genie had to mediate a revision of the rental agreement. 

6. Genie also has to deal with Homeowners that don’t return calls as well, she finds this very frustrating as Genie doesn’t have the time to babysit homeowners and run her realty and property management company. 

7. Getting rent checks – an example a rent wasn’t automatically deposited and it’s Genie’s job to make sure that check is deposited. She had to make many phone calls and find where the payment went. 

8.  Genie gets many calls from tenants late at night, and she has to respond to make sure everything is all right and the tenant is taken care of. 

9. Magic Genie Realty and Property Management is also the go between in dealing with HOA’s – a job Genie could do without. HOA’s are very hard to deal with.  

10. Routine repairs that need to be done can be very tedious and time consuming.                                                                                                                                      These are just a few of the things you need to keep in mind if you are thinking about being your own property manager – if you are thinking about renting out a property you may want to think twice about doing it on your own and hire Genie from Magic Genie Realty and Property Management to handle your property for you!!!

Genie Reynolds  *  Magic Genie Realty and Property Management * 303.924.1320 * www.Magic

Our second speaker was not able to make our meeting so Dottie Johnson, our massage therapist showed us a couple of stretches we could do to release stress in our joints. The first was for the hips and hamstrings – you stand up and cross one foot over the other and bend down to touch the floor hold for a couple seconds and then switch. For your upper body – put your palms together in front of you and push out this will help your upper back and chest. The final stretch Dottie showed us was the carpel tunnel stretch – for this you stretch one arm out in front of you and pull back on your fingers with your other hand. We always appreciate Dottie when shows us these stretches that we can do every day to improve our day just a little bit! If you are looking for a massage therapist you can’t go wrong by calling Dottie!

Dottie Johnson * Massage Haven * 303.229.7220 *