We had two speakers today, our first speaker was Genie Reynolds of Magic Genie Real Estate and Property Management in Lakewood, CO. Genie wanted to talk to us about how to be a property owner and how NOT to deal with your property management company. After having a couple of experiences with her a few property owners, she wants to help people understand that communication is key in property management.

1) Is the homeowner that Genie recently fired herself from – the homeowner was micro-managing the rental, sending emails regarding paragraphs in the lease that she must enforce, he scolded her for not conveying the exact wording in emails to the tenant. Not taking quick enough action on major repairs and in turn creating a situation that may go into litigation with the tenant.

2) Do not plead insolvency with your management company – When your management company is trying to work with you and help you out – pay them.

3) One client that Genie has refers her to many other homeowners and then tells her “I hate seeing your number on the caller ID – it always means trouble with the property.” Genie has actually called her just to tell her good things to combat the caller ID fear.

4) Do not forward on 6 months of water bills all at once and then get upset when the renter does not pay it all at once.

5) If you as an owner plan to store stuff at the home – please make sure that your renter understand that and won’t move it to make room for their own stuff.

6) Do not be unrealistic about the worth of your property – going back and forth whether it is time to sell or to continue renting the property creates more work for your property manager and costs them money and time.

7) Do not be schizophrenic – when your property manager does a repair that needed to be done -making them pay for half of the repair and removing the dog run 3 days prior to new tenants moving in with dogs. Although it was ugly for the area it was an asset to the property.

8) Do not do the quick turn around in attitude when your tenant tells you that your current property manager is the best they have ever worked with and that they will refer them to any of their friends.

9) Do not ignore emails and phone call inquiries from your property manager – they need to know what is going on, if you are not going to replace the roof or are not paying the mortgage – do not be surprised when they quit on you.

10) Do not hire a property manager and have them work hard on renting out your house – making and arranging repairs, showing the house, doing background checks on prospective tenants – and then decide that your family member will be able to live in the house after all.

The main thing to keep in mind when hiring or working with a property manager is that communication is the key. If you need a property manager who will communicate with you make sure you give Genie Reynolds a call!

Genie Reynolds * Magic Genie Real Estate & Property Management * www.MagicGenieRealty.com * 303.942.1320

 “Where your wish is our command”

 Our second speaker today was Joan Brown of JB Decorating in Denver Colorado. Joan spoke to us today about the benefit of buying window coverings. She was recently at a Hunter Douglas seminar, getting the latest updates and new shade ideas for your home. Hunter Douglas is known in the industry, as the one company, that not only stands behind their products but also works with their local dealers to make their job easier by working together to make the customers experience the best they have ever had! Joan discussed the reasons for buying window shades and there are many reasons and ways to get the shading that is right for you and your home.

1) The Transformation: Changing the directional lighting in our space, turning harsh daylight into a soft warm glow and with the Hunter Douglas Silhouette, Duette & new Nantucket you will see no cords or tape to distract from the appearance of the shade.

2) Light Control: Your simply tilt the vanes to create the atmosphere you want, while maximizing daylight and reducing the need for electricity to light your space.

3) Protection: Most Hunter Douglas Blinds shield your furnishings and carpet from UV rays as they block 88% UV rays when open and 99% when closed. Saving you money on carpet and furniture replace due to fading.

4) Selection: Hunter Douglas offers hundreds of fabric and color combinations, opacities, vane sizes, plus the new lifting system selections.

5) Child Safety: Hunter Douglas offers the PowerGlide System that is controlled by remote control and has no cords, also the UltraGlide which is a spring loaded system that also takes away the need for a cord and is moved up and down by touch.

The Hunter Douglas Products:

The new products offered by Hunter Douglas and JB Decorating are:

1) Nantucket Window Shading: Offers ultraviolet protection, vanes tilt to diffuse and disperse light, 3″ vanes, optional fabric covered head rail, options on the 3 different lift systems, can be tilt only for sidelights on entry and french doors or stationary blinds for the angled or arched windows.

2) Nantucket Sunscreen Privacy Shading:This offers the 3″ vanes with a front facing that is sheer and the back facing is a screen, this offers a 28% openness and 99% when closed, vanes tilt to control light, ultimate UV protection, nighttime privacy, colors to match any HOA requirements and the color of your space, offers the options of UltraGlide, EasyRise, and tilt only for angled and arched windows.

3) Provenance Woven Wood Shading:The wood shades offer sheer, semi-sheer, semi-opaque and opaque light control. The Hunter Douglas wood shades come in a variety of styles including roman, classic and hobbled risers, with liners that offer light filtering, room darkening and micro-plete. The Wood Shades come with the option of a Head Rail – standard or turned, Deco Valances that can be angled, stacked, double hobbled or triple hobbled. The lift options offered are cord lock, EasyGlide or the motorized UltraGlide. Joan showed us the many wood and fiber options for this alternative blind and they are spectacular!!

When looking for blinds or shades for your home – Joan Brown at JB Decorating can show a wide variety of ideas that will work with your space. Joan has help me with my kitchen options and she helped me find the right look for my space, so if you need an interior designer who will work within your budget, she is the right choice for you.

Joan Brown * JB Decorating * joancbrown@q.com * 303.399.6208 or 303.549.2568

 “For imaginations that have no limits and budgets that do.”