Our only speaker today was Genie Reynolds of Magic Genie Realty and Property Management in Lakewood, Colorado. She spoke to us today about “Who Do You Work For?” in the property management side of her business she works for the home owner, not the tenant. This can be a really confusing issue for many tenants. When the tenant rents a property with Genie there is a document that the tenant and Genie both have to sign that details that she as property manager has an “agency relationship” with the owner and that the tenant is the customer. What this means is that Genie has no legal obligation to the tenant. Genie was not aware of this document until about five months ago and now has every tenant sign this form. She has had a tenant who has told her that she must mitigate their losses, when they have broken a lease and were responsible for rent until it was rented. She hadn’t had them sign the document and they kept insisting that Genie had an obligation to reduce their financial commitments. Another situation Genie is dealing with is a Denver townhouse in which the tenants have floor damage that is their responsibility – they are claiming that it was that way when they moved in, but they did not fill out or sign the move in checklist. The floor must be fixed as the home owner is selling the property and the tenant will not claim responsibility, Genie is the middle man in this situation and working for the owner is making it a complicated situation. Her last question to us was who do really work for – Genie stated that she works for her family and herself first and her clients second. Also consider in who you work for – who is your target market and how can you work for them the best! If you need a property manager who will work for you give Genie Reynolds of Magic Genie Realty and Property Management a call!

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