Our first speaker today was Linda Schafer of GL Specialties
in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. Linda had just returned from a Sample Show with the
new products for this coming year. The main topic of the show, however, was QR
Codes and Social Media Marketing. They spoke about how the QR Codes are
actually failing because many of the codes are sending people to sites that
don’t draw in the customer with an poorly designed website that are not updated
enough with relevant or current information. When using these QR Codes you need
to be updating your website as often as possible with new information and offer
special deals or sales. This way your cliental will want to check out your site
and take action on either the information you provide or to take advantage of
the offer that you post. This is something very important for those of us that
are thinking about using this new form of Social Media!
Linda had lots of products to show us that she saw at the show, but first she
wanted to discuss quickly was a recent experience with a client. This had to do
with colors – she was working with a client that uses teal or Pantone color 321
for her logo – in the printing and promotional industry there are 20,000 kinds
of teal ~ and when ordering promotional products using a specific Pantone color
can cost you upwards of 50.00 to 150.00 depending on the color or you can use
the companies standard color which are either free or as cheap as 25.00. When
choosing a color for printing on a promotional product keep this in mind as
there are 300,000 variations of blue and over 350,000 variations of red, so if
you can go with the companies standard color chart you may not be right on with
your corporation’s colors but you should be able to get it close.
The first item that Linda showed us were the large variety of water bottles –
they can range in price for the standard water bottle which costs .79 each to
the high end insulated or metal styles that can cost up to 8.00 each. Water
bottles come in so many styles now that you can really pick and choose the
product that is just right for you. The latest craze is the t-shirt and
baseball hat combo – Linda has a Colorado company that offers this promotional
item and you can get 1 or 1,000,000, with the use of digital printing for the
t-shirts the price has been almost cut in half and the month turn-around time
can now be as little as 3 days. The introduction of digital printing into the
promotional products industry has been a huge bonus for those ordering product.
Linda passed around many products that she picked up and the Sample Show – the
last was a variety of mouse pads that just get more entertaining with colors
and shapes each year.
The resources that Linda Schafer can offer her clients with her years of
experience, knowledge about the products she offers and the hundreds of vendors
she can work with either here in the United States or abroad – allows her to
give the best product and the best price for any promotional product that you
Linda Schafer * GL Specialties * 303.456.9035 * glspecad@glspecialties.com * www.glspecialties.com

Juli Parrott of Table Mountain Travel in Lakewood, Colorado
was today’s second speaker – Juli took her time to discuss the “Serendipity of
Travel”. This is when you travel off the beaten path such as small ship
cruising, rent a canal boat or hotel barge, self-drive or rent a house. All of
these offer you an opportunity to really experience the area you are visiting
at a slower pace. Juli just recently got back from a trip to Southern France. She
stayed in Dordogne, in the Bordeaux region, off the beaten track which allows
for a slower paced vacation. The area is ripe with history being the area in
which the 100 Years War happened and has a variety of both French and British
castles along with prehistoric caves with painting. Juli visited 3 of these
caves – the first being Font de Gaumme, which is a real cave and they allow
nothing from the outside world in. The Lascaux Caves which the tours now take
place in a replica cave to allow the preservation of the real site which was
slow being ruined by tourist. The last Pech Merle – being Juli’s favorite –
these cave paintings are around 25,000 years old and showed the spotted horse
that was not thought to have existed before humans domesticated the horse. Remember
when you are traveling off the beaten track that lunch can take 2 hours – with
something as simple as a ham sandwich, so plan well for your tours and the
hours that your sites are open. While traveling through the region Juli visited
the British castle Castelnaud a place where they spent to much time not
allowing a lot of time for the French 100 Years War castle Beynac. Juli’s group
also canoed the Dordogne River to the castles and had a picnic lunch on the
way. Her trip cost was approximately 1200.00 per person that includes the house
rental and car for 10 days. The visit was a trip that Juli thought was one of
her best to France and one she will remember forever. If you want to plan a
trip that will be with you for a lifetime give Juli from Table Mountain Travel
a call!
Juli Parrott * Table Mountain Travel * 303.277.1580
* www.tablemountaintravel.com * juli@tablemountaintravel.com