Our first speaker today was Linda Schaffer of GL Specialties in Lakewood, Colorado. Linda has been in the promotional product industry for 20 years and still enjoys working with her clients, helping them find that perfect item to promote their business. Linda brought in some of the new items that she has seen come onto the promotional product scene. The first item Linda wanted to discuss was a coffee mug that she sources locally – in Arvada – these were glass mugs that that had a new process called satin etching, which is an ink process that looks like it has been etch onto the surface. In using this process, you are saving on the setup cost of the etching process and since she gets these locally there is no shipping charge. The next couple items Linda showed us were water bottles – the first one is the latest and greatest lined stainless steel model that will keep your water colder longer, depending on size these can cost between 8.00 to 13.00. The second version were the tried and true pvc lined bottle, once again depending on size these will run 4.99 to 5.99 each. A couple of the other items that Linda passed around were portable speakers, a pleather auto organizer for those that use their car for work and an example of a trade show give away which were magnetic platforms with little metal pieces that were shaped like playing cards and dice for one and fish and coral on the second sample.
Linda took some time to remind us the promotional products don’t have to be a giveaway – you can also sell them like bumper stickers or coffee mugs with your marketing on them. Most of all Linda likes to educate her clients on the best products for them and not the cheap gimmicky item that will not last.
If you are looking for that perfect promotional product to promote your business give Linda Schaffer at GL Specialties a call and she will find that perfect piece for you.

Linda Schaffer * GL Specialties * 303.456.9035 * glspecad@glspeciaties.com  * www.glspecialties.com

Today’s second speaker was Joan Brown of JB Decorating and the Design Coach in Denver, Colorado. Joan took her time today to go over the difference between custom drapery and ready -made drapery.

Fabric Selection:
Custom Drapery – fabric choices are unlimited
Ready–Made – fabric colors are limited to what the manufacturer has

Tailored Fit:
Custom Drapery – can be made to whatever size you want the best look is from the
crown or ceiling to just above the floor
Ready–Made – they come in two standard lengths either 84” or 96”

Fullness/Side Panels:
Custom Drapery – can be made in any width, usually covers a portion of the wall on each   side of the window, not meant to hang over the window
Ready- Made – once again these come in two standard widths 45” or 54” and you will need 2 to 3 to create the fullness

Custom Drapery – you can pick your lining to create the perfect drapery look for your space
Ready–Made – they use the cheapest and thinnest cotton so the drapery won’t hang correctly

Custom Drapery – these are fabricated with wide side and bottom hems, usually 11/2” with a blind stitch with weights
Ready–Made – are mass produced with smaller hems both side and bottom – these are machine stitched

Finish Details:
Custom Drapery – can include accent fabric and cording
Ready–Made – no special detailing available

If you are looking for a decorator who can walk you through a home redecoration not limited to just the drapery give Joan Brown and JB Decorating a call.

Joan Brown * JB Decorating & The Design Coach * 303.399.6208 * joancbrown@q.com