The first speaker today was Linda Schafer, owner of GL Specialties in Golden, Colorado. Linda worked in the insurance industry for many years before deciding to go into business for herself. After looking into many different opportunities that would allow her to create her own schedule and work from home, she found the Promotional Products industry. This industry allowed her to raise her family and now help out with her grandchildren when she is needed. Today, Linda brought in samples of what’s new in the industry. Linda first asked us to take notice of the silver box that was set at each seat around the table. A small gift for each of us, this is one of Linda’s favorite gourmet business gift company, Maple Ridge Farms. They offer many different confections, cheese, meats and bakery items special wrapped to impress any business client.  So, what’s new? The newest items coming out are following the trend of single use plastics – metal straws are becoming popular. Linda passed around an example, your logo is on the package as well as on the straw itself, it also comes with a cleaner. There are very few styles of these as it is a new product. There are other products that Linda went on to cover that there are many choices. When ordering items like lapel pins Linda will ask you many questions – do you want enamel, metal or plastic and how do you want it to attach, with a pin or magnet, also do you want it made in the USA? It is the same with lanyards – there are over a hundred different types of lanyards from how they hold the badge – do you want double clips, single clip, do you want lobster claw, bulldog clip, snap hook or split ring. Additionally, on lanyards – do you want it full color or single color, do you want them to be ½” or ¾” inch wide and what length do you need 34” or 45”. You can see that the possibilities are endless, and Linda can help you figure what you need for your application. So, if you are looking for promotional products to impress your clients, give Linda and GL Specialties a call for the Best Product • Best Price • Best Suppliers!
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Our second speaker today was Cindi Thordarson of EcoGraphics Printing in Lakewood, Colorado. Cindi’s talk today was also about the wide variety of products that they print. First, Cindi spoke about the rebranding going on at EcoGraphics and made mention of the new business card that she placed at each seat around the table, this is using a new process that has just become available called “soft touch lamination” it adds a totally different feel to the average business card. It also with the use of design create a very dramatic look. The first sample that she passed around was the Strategic Plan that they recently produced for a local agency. This is a very nice piece that Cindi told was designed by the client on Publisher – a very difficult design program to use for complicated pieces. Her next item that Cindi passed around was a label for Colorado Miss Amazing, that will be sold at their events this year. The label is meant for indoor or outdoor use and is printed on vinyl label stock to allow it to last outside. Cindi also had a removable label that was used for Port-a-Potties that the client had to be able to remove after their event – these labels are durable and will last for a couple days outside but are not meant for a permanent application.  Next, Cindi passed around the Jefferson Symphony Orchestra’s Winter Concert program. A simple piece with a color cover and all black and white on the inside. Her next two items are menus from two local landmark restaurants – the take-out menus for Dino’s Italian Restaurant, another simple black and white piece that is fold in half and the second one was for Davies’ Chuck Wagon Diner. Davies’ menu is a full color piece that is laminated and scored for use in the restaurant – the lamination allows the staff at the diner to clean them in between customers. Cindi’s next item was a door hanger for a new client – door hangers have come back as an effective way to advertise to a single locale. If you are looking to get clients in a specific area for a specific reason – walking the neighborhood and knocking on doors is effective. If there is no one home hanging your information from the door knob is an easy leave behind. The next piece that Cindi spoke about was a small brochure for a local maintenance company that has been going through a rebranding recently and is now redesigning their product brochures. This piece is easy to read, bright, with their name and phone number easy to read. Lastly, Cindi wanted to remind us about their full color envelope press and passed out EcoGraphics “rebranded” envelopes and a recent small envelope that was printed for a local non-profit. Both envelopes are very colorful and stand out from a simple black and white envelope.
If you are looking for a local printer that offers a wide variety formats, design and excellent customer service give Cindi and EcoGraphics Printing a call!
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