Our first speaker today was Linda Schafer owner of GL Specialties Promotional Products in Arvada, Colorado. Linda went to Pueblo, Colorado for a trade show last week and just wanted to say that Pueblo is really working to improve the downtown area. They have built up the convention center area and added a Riverwalk area that is very impressive and welcoming. Linda, then went on to discuss how frustrating some clients can be, sometimes it is hard to please a client and working through proofs that aren’t green enough or white enough. Another situation Linda is trying to explain to a client that a four-color image will not look the same on a sock as it does on a flat sheet of paper. We all deal with clients like from time to time and work very hard to meet their expectations along with their audience, needs, wants, and budget. Right now, Linda is working on a Perpetual Plaque – where they add on names every year. This year they are dealing with finding a specific type of brass that she used to get from France, however it is hard to get just one piece at a reasonable cost. Linda has been able to find the same brass from a local source and therefore saving both money and time for her client.
Linda wanted to talk about the new tech products that are coming fast and furious in the promotional product industry. It is best to stay away from these types of promotional products as not all of these items work with every phone or computer and can cause issues like system crashes and the like if used on the wrong phone or computer. You do not want to have harm come to any of your clients from a promo item that you gave them. So unless you know exactly what type of phone or computer the item works on and the type of electronics your clients use it may be best to stay away.
If you are looking for a promotional product that works with your image, budget and audience give Linda Schafer a call and let her give options that will work best for you.
Linda Schafer * GL Specialties Promotional Products * 303.456.9035 * glspecad@glspecialties.com * glspecialties.com


Our second speaker today was Lori Bush-Engel of Modern Woodmen of America in Golden, Colorado.
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