We had two speakers today, our first was Cindi Thordarson of Ecographics Printing in Lakewood, Colorado. Cindi spoke today about PMS – or the Pantone Matching System – the color matching system that printers use for spot colors. She wanted to share with us the current trend toward four color process that the colors you have used in the past will not look the same in a printed four color piece. When printing in four color process you use the four primary colors, black, magenta, cyan & yellow, that are printed on top of each other in screens to build the colors. Therefore, most of the Pantone system’s spot colors cannot be reproduced with the four color process – as they are a combination of 13 pigments, like cobalt, ochres and iron oxides that are mixed to create each different color . Cindi showed us a book produced by Pantone that is called a color bridge – showing the 1148 PMS colors and what they will translate into when printed in the four color process. Many colors do not translate well – yellows, oranges, greens and browns fair the worst, she passed around the Pantone Color Bridge books, so we could really take a look at how the colors translate. As many of you in the group use Pantone colors on your business cards and letterhead, this is something that you need to keep in mind when using four color for your brochures and other advertising pieces, Cindi reminded us.  At, Ecographics Printing, they have many clients that this has become an issue, as they are tied into the corporations graphics standard package. Many companies, now, have a four color and a Pantone graphics standard, that will cover all the bases for them. When printing with the Pantone spot colors there are many things to keep in mind, something as simple as the color of your paper can change the ink color, such as using a gray paper will dull your color and a cream or natural sheet will make the greens and reds to appear brighter. Cindi, also, brought in 2 other sets of Pantone books that shows how PMS colors look on coated (gloss) or uncoated sheets, she passed these around for use to look at as she explained that it is the reflective nature of the coated sheets really make the colors that look brighter. Some clients like the look on the coated sheet but it is impractical for letterhead and at Ecographics, they have worked with clients to have inks mixed just to look like the coated color on an uncoated sheet. So if you need help working out your color profile give Cindi Thordarson at Ecographics Printing a call and she will be more than happy to work with you!

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Our second speaker today was Ruthie Williams of Mary Kay Cosmetics, and since Ruthie could not make it Laura Kilty spoke for her. Laura got a ten minute training from Ruthie this morning in preparation for her talk, so – Laura joked – don’t be to hard on her! First Laura asked if we had all gotten our new Mary Kay catalogs, many of the items Laura will be talking about are the new items that they have introduce for the summer. The first item Laura spoke about is the New Mary Kay Liquid Lip colors – these are lipstick with the lip gloss applicator and come in a tube very much like the the lip glosses. The new applicator incorporates the coverage and finish of lipstick with easy application. The Mary Kay Liquid Lip colors come in six colors right now – cherry coffee, chocoholic, malted, raspberry ice, sherbet & royal plum and cost 13.00 a tube. Laura also covered the new Mary Kay Lipstick colors – she had a color card so we could see the true color ( as just discussed with Cindi four color does not show the true color). The new colors for the Mary Kay Crème Lipsticks are Boysenberry, Hot Mocha, Maple, Whisper, Pink Passion, Copper Star, Sunlit Sand, Icy Peach, Sunny Citrus and Blaze. Ruthie also asked Laura to remind us about the Special Edition “Beauty the Counts” Crème Lipsticks – that are available for a limited time and proceeds go towards the Pink Changing Lives campaign. The cost for the Crème Lipstick is 13.00. Then Laura passed out the color cards with the Mary Kay Mineral Eye Colors on them, highlighting the new colors – White Lily, Silver Satin, Azure, Black Pearl, Copper Glow, Peacock Blue, Almond, Midnight Star, Lavender Fog and Emerald. These new colors have added several dimensions to the line – being very bright and shimmery! The Mineral Eye Colors cost 6.50 per color. Laura handed out the Mary Kay Mineral Cheek Color charts for us to look over and mentioned that they have only added one new color in this line – Citrus Bloom, a light, bright pink. The Mineral Cheek Colors cost 10.00. Ruthie also spoke to Laura about the New Limited Edition Mary Kay Cooling Bronzing Stick – A new way to wear that sun-kissed glow all year round, easy application just apply the bronzer where the sunlight hits the face and blend in. This costs 20.00 a stick. The last items that Laura wanted to mention to us where the Pamper Hands new Peach Satin Hands Set – which includes a softener, exfoliator and lotion for just 34.00, and the Limited Edition Mary Kay Pedicure set – which includes a cleanser, exfoliator, lotion and foot brush for just 22.00. Laura told us to keep Ruthie Williams in mind for all our skin care needs!

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