Our first speaker today was Cindi Thordarson from Ecographics Printing in Lakewood, Colorado. Cindi spoke today about the variety of services that Ecographics Printing offers – such as wire-o binding – a similar but cheaper alternative to spiral binding, wire-o is similar to the plastic comb binding but being that they are made of metal they last longer than the plastic combs, which will become dry and brittle over time. Cindi had a variety of samples of wire-o bound books and manuals that Ecographics Printing have done over the years – including one that they put together for a training program where the customer wanted to have a pocket in the back, where their clients could put their notes and papers that they received throughout the training. Ecographics Printing also offer perfect binding, which is how paperback books are put together. Cindi also passed around samples of books that they have done for a variety of clients. The next item she showed us were pocket folders – Ecographics Printing has done many of these over the years in a variety of styles, including folders with expanded pockets and spines – Cindi did mention that on the expanded pockets you might consider limiting this to a quarter inch, the folders over that don’t hold up as well and can get damaged just in packaging. Cindi also showed us a three ring binder that they do for a school education program, with a silk screened cover and spine although they do not produce these in-house they work with a wholesaler here in Colorado. If there any part of your project that Ecographics Printing can’t produce in their shop they work with manufacturers in Colorado to support the local industry. Through the many changes in the industry – Cindi states that Ecographics Printing has worked to keep up the digital age and yet in keeping with their roots kept 2 small offset printing presses to maintain the clients that want offset printing – yes there are a few of those left. They are also now moving into the sign business – where Cindi’s business partner started, we can now offer signs in most any format you need – from the simple metal sign to hang over the door to the big lighted box signs that we see in every strip mall around town. Ecographics Printing can take you from design to completion including permitting with your local municipality. So if you need any help with design and implementation of your marketing plan Ecographics Printing certainly could help you with all of it!

Cindi Thordarson * Ecographics Printing * cindi@ecographicsprinting.com * 303.238.7791

Our second speaker today was Pam Thomas of Thrivent Financial Services in Lakewood, Colorado. Pam spoke to us today about IRA’s and whether or not you should convert you traditional IRA to a Roth. The main benefit of a Roth IRA is that you have already paid taxes on the money so you will not be taxed on the growth or withdrawal. This year would be a good year to do a conversion as they have removed the income cap of 100,000.00 and for 2010 only, Pam tells us that you can pay the taxes in two different ways – either the whole bill in 2010 or you can pay half in 2011 and the other half in 2012, this will help with the tax hit if you are converting a large amount. This year you also have the opportunity to revert back to a traditional IRA with out any penalties – you may want to do this if the value of your Roth IRA drops significantly. Pam also remarked that when converting to a Roth you can open as many accounts as you want so you can revert back easily without mixing your funds. What accounts can be converted – Traditional IRA, 401K, 403B, 457 and inherited 401K, but not an inherited IRA or educational IRA. Who should convert to a Roth? You may want to consider converting if you are planning to pass it on to you children, with a Roth it passes on without taxes, if you are going to be in a lower tax rate in retirement, and if you want to shelter your income now and offset your taxable income. You have up until April 15th to re-characterize your IRA – something very serious to think about! Pam also want to briefly cover the New Credit Card Rules put in place by the Federal Reserve. Number 1: they must notify you 45 days in advance of any rate change.  Number 2: your due date must remain the same day of the month. Number 3: they must mail 21 days before the bill is due.  Number 4: any payment over the minimum payment must go to pay off the high interest rate balance. Number 5: until the age of 21 the credit limit is 500.00. Pam at Thrivent Financial Services has a lot experience dealing with financial planning and if you need some one to guide you through your retirement planning, you should give her a call!

Pam Thomas * Thrivent Financial Services * www.thrivent.com * 303.962.6265